Through the Cracks mental health series: Share your stories and questions

  • Brett Sholtis

Untreated or under-treated mental illness is often a driving force behind other public health problems. Through the Cracks aims to look beyond the headlines to find those connections.

It’s a complex topic. From insurance shortcomings and shifting health care industry priorities to the challenges facing minority communities, veterans and women, there’s a lot to explore.

Many people are not getting the care they need. Some wait months to see a doctor. Some cycle through homeless shelters while hoping for admission into a long-term residential care facility. Even those able to find assistance may not get enough time with licensed therapists.

It’s also a story about how taxpayer dollars are being spent. In Pennsylvania, mental health funding has remained stagnant since the mid-1990s. Funds once earmarked for state hospitals are now distributed to private companies to provide mental health services. Through the Cracks is tracking those dollars.

Through the Cracks will draw on experts and first-hand accounts to target problems and break down stigma associated with mental health. Both data-driven and deeply personal, this months-long series aims to spark conversations, question policymakers and health care leaders, and result in measurable improvements for those who need help.

You can help with this project. Ask us your questions or detail your experiences:

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