Episode 9: PA’s mental healthcare approach has problems (a series)

A new series on mental health and a look at chronic homelessness amongst the mentally ill.

  • Katie Meyer

WITF, Transforming Health, and PA Post are launching a series on mental health called Through the Cracks. Over a number of months, we’ll be covering the realities of people who live with mental illness, the stigmas involved, and how public policy can help—or, often, hurt—vulnerable people.

The first installment was reported by Brett Sholtis, who took a close look at why people with serious mental health issues often wait a really, really long time for the services they need.

We’ll explain the wide-ranging impact of state’s transition away from institutionalizing the mentally ill, toward integrating patients into communities. We’ll discuss why state mental health funding has declined over the last 25 years, and we’ll preview some of the stories Brett is tackling later in the series.

Plus, Kiera McGuire, a producer for WITF and Transforming Health, will discuss a story she recently reported about one all-to-common side effect of chronic mental health issues: homelessness.


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