Smart Talk: Most Pa. school superintendents are men; women earn more on average

PA Post analyzed statewide superintendent salary data

Ed Mahon / PA Post

Janet Serino is the superintendent of Wyoming Area School District in Luzerne County, Pa. A PA Post look at superintendent salaries in the state found that there are many more male superintendents, but female superintendents earn a higher salary on average.


Walk into a Pennsylvania public school classroom and you’ll probably see a woman teaching the class. In fact, 73 percent of teachers in Pennsylvania schools are female. However, the number of women teachers hasn’t translated into females becoming school superintendents. Only 28 percent of superintendents are women, and there are Pennsylvania counties where there are no female superintendents.

On the other hand, female superintendents are paid more than their male counterparts on average, possibly because more women who are superintendents have their doctoral degrees.

PA Post researched and reported on Pennsylvania school superintendent salaries, and reporter Ed Mahon joined Tuesday’s Smart Talk with more of what he found.

Key points

1:10 – Genesis of the story

3:45 – Factors determining the low number of women

7:23 – Is money the main motivator?

14:30 – There are some counties with no female superintendents

16:02 – Caller anecdote and comment

18:18 – Women versus men principals

22.38 – Suggestions to increase numbers

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