Episode 25: To nuke, or not to nuke

Pennsylvania lawmakers have to decide whether they want to aid two nuclear plants, or let them shut down ahead of schedule.

  • Katie Meyer

This week, state lawmakers waded into a fraught, long-anticipated debate over whether to prop up two of the commonwealth’s five nuclear power plants.

One is the Beaver Valley plant near Pittsburgh. The other is Dauphin County’s Three Mile Island, which—you may have heard—partially melted down in 1979 and helped instill a lasting wariness toward nuclear energy in generations of Americans.

The bill to save the plants is being championed by Republican Representative Thomas Mehaffie, of Dauphin County, and it is already getting a boatload of pushback from people across the ideological spectrum.

To help explain the situation, StateImpact Pennsylvania reporter Marie Cusick joins us in the studio.

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