Episode 35: Staying mum on the minimum wage

But this year GOP opposition seems to have thawed slightly.

  • Katie Meyer/WITF

Lawmakers are busy negotiating the budget for next fiscal year, which starts July 1. By all accounts, things are going relatively well. But a few major proposals are still up in the air.

One of those is the minimum wage.

Pennsylvania’s wage is at the $7.25 federal minimum—lower than any neighboring state. It’s been a sore subject for Democrats for years, but Republicans have, historically, been staunchly against an increase.

This year though, that opposition seems to have thawed slightly. GOP leaders have said they may be open to a modest increase, and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have confirmed that talks on the minimum wage are happening in relation to the budget.

It’s still not clear if anything will change. But as negotiations progress, a few potential paths forward have begun to circulate among rank-and-file members.

Marc Levy of the Associated Press joins us this episode to discuss where the issue stands, and where it’s likely to go.


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