Marsy’s Law headed to voters

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Gov. Tom Wolf will be answering questions during a live radio show at 1 p.m. today. I’ll be part of the show and will monitor questions people post on Twitter with #AskGovWolf. So post your questions! –Ed Mahon, PA Post reporter

State constitution could be amended

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A photo of Marsy Nicholas, the namesake for victim rights legislation that has passed in several states, sits against a chair during a 2013 rally in Santa Ana, Calif. Nicholas was killed in 1983.

  • Voters will decide whether to approve a constitutional amendment that backers say would grant victims constitutionally protected rights on par with the rights that defendants have. Mark Scolforo of The Associated Press has the details on the latest developments, including a unanimous Senate vote Wednesday.

  • In April, State of the State host Katie Meyer took a deep look at the issue. “Marsy’s Law does nothing — absolutely nothing — to take a right away from the defendant,” Rep. Sheryl Delozier, R-Cumberland County, told Katie. “All it does is allow the victim to have a role.”

  • Katie also looked at the opposition to the changes, including from the ACLU of Pennsylvania. In an April memo, the group’s legislative director, Elizabeth Randol, said a constitutional amendment isn’t flexible, so it would be difficult to change if there are unforeseen consequences. Randol also said parts of the legislation “are dangerously broad or vaguely worded” — and will likely conflict with due process rights of defendants.

Best of the rest

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Police investigate a drive-by shooting in Germantown on Oct. 3, 2018. Five young men aged 19 to 23 were shot. One died.

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