Episode 40: Congressional cash

  • Katie Meyer/WITF


The 2020 election is still more than a year away, but Pennsylvania’s eighteen congress women and men are already well into the fundraising that they hope is going to get them another two-year term.

This week, we took a look at the quarterly reports the commonwealth’s incumbents and challengers have been filing to see how they’re doing. On this episode, we’ll brief you on those findings, and on which races you should be watching for potential flips.

We’ll also recap a rare town hall one of Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable incumbents recently held. Scott Perry, a conservative who has represented the 10th congressional since 2013, found himself with a much more liberal district after a map-redrawing last year. After squeaking by against a mostly unknown challenger in 2018, Perry is trying to connect with his more liberal constituents. If his recent town hall is any indicator, results have been mixed.

PA Post reporters Emily Previti and Ed Mahon join us to explain it all.

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