Episode 41: Pennsylvania’s big gun debate

  • Katie Meyer/WITF

Much of this week’s political conversation has been dominated by questions about guns. Questions like, who should be able to use them? What characteristics should we should allow them to have? And is it ever OK for the government to be able to take them away?

The weekend of August 3 saw two major shootings. One at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, in which 22 people were killed, and another in on a busy street in Dayton, Ohio that killed nine.

In Pennsylvania and across the country, there’s come to be a sort of standard political response to mass shootings. Politicians and others who oppose the relatively unrestricted access Americans have to guns, turn out en masse in protest.

These post-shooting protests all tend to look the same, and for good reason: gun laws haven’t really changed in a long time.

However, there have been some small—but notable—shifts in the conversation in the commonwealth.

PA Post reporters Emily Previti and Ed Mahon join us on this week’s podcast to explain.

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