Shining a spotlight on PA campaign spending

Also, acclaimed historian and author H.W. Brands

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A year-long investigation by journalists with Spotlight PA and The Caucus uncovered an uncomfortable truth behind Pennsylvania campaign finance laws. The truth is that while candidates must keep records of their expenses, they don’t have to offer any spending details unless specifically asked.

The implication is that hiding in the law’s ambiguity are questionable financial transactions, according to the reports. The investigation found high-price dinners, liquor, sporting events and even club memberships listed as campaign expenses.

Sam Janesch and Angela Couloumbis

Smart Talk

Sam Janesch and Angela Couloumbis appear on Smart Talk on October 29, 2019.

Joining Smart Talk Tuesday to provide background on the investigative series are reporters Angela Couloumbis of Spotlight PA and Sam Janesch of The Caucus.

Also, the York County History Center will feature acclaimed historian and Presidential author H.W. Brands, Ph.D., as part of their Distinguished Speaker Series next month.

Brands will present on Ronald Reagan, the subject of one of the author’s many books.

H.W. Brands will appear on Smart Talk Tuesday to discuss his books and role in numerous documentaries.

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H.W. Brands

Photo courtesy of H.W. Brands

Historian and author H.W. Brands, Ph.D., appears on Smart Talk October 29, 2019.

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