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Partners, Affiliates, and Project Partners

PA Post is a collaborative news organization with three types of media colleagues:

  • Media Partners (1) distribute PA Post content, (2) provide content for PA Post to distribute, and (3) collaborate with PA Post on big projects.
  • Media Affiliates are news organizations that distribute PA Post content.
  • Media Project Partners work with PA Post on select shared projects.

As our list of media colleagues grows, we will have MOUs (memoranda of understanding) with all of them.

Here is our current list of Media Partners, Media Affiliates, and Media Project Partners:

Media Partners


Media Affiliates

PA Post’s Media Affiliates includes the Media Partners (above) and these news organizations:




The Post - Sanatoga Pa and The Pottsgroves

The Post - Pottsgown PA and Pottstown Schools

The Post - Limerick PA and Spring Ford Schools

The Post - Schwenksville PA and PV Schools | Be informed. Be involved.

Media Project Partners

Public Source