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Who Funds Us?

Donor Information and Editorial Independence

PA Post is committed to non-profit, non-partisan, fact-based journalism that seeks donor and sponsor support, but does not permit donor or sponsor influence. Therefore, PA Post lists all of its current year donors (individuals, foundations and corporate sponsors) here on the PA Post website.

PA Post is applying for membership in INN (Institute for Non-Profit News) and will adhere to its membership requirements.

Donor list for the website’s Who Funds Us page, as of 9-30-2018

  • David A. Atkinson
  • Linda Freedenberg
  • Lois L. Grass
  • Elizabeth Kury
  • William Lehr
  • Matthew J. Leonard
  • Edward W. Neff
  • Donna Pullo
  • Tim L. Reeves
  • Lisa A. Ritter
  • Nicholas F. Selch
  • David W. Sweet
  • The Kinsley Family Foundation
  • Patricia H. Vance
  • Mary Jo White
  • Jeffrey C. Winemiller
  • The Wyncote Foundation
  • The Lenfest Institute for Journalism
  • The Philadelphia Foundation