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Who Funds Us?

Donor Information and Editorial Independence

PA Post is committed to non-profit, non-partisan, fact-based journalism that seeks donor and sponsor support, but does not permit donor or sponsor influence. Therefore, PA Post lists all of its current year donors (individuals, foundations and corporate sponsors) here on the PA Post website.

PA Post is a member of INN (Institute for Non-Profit News). Our donor transparency, editorial policies and non-profit status each conform to INN requirements.

As an INN member, PA Post will participate in NewsMatch 2019, a national campaign to encourage grassroots support for nonprofit news organizations. From November 1 to December 31st, contributions will be matched up to $1,000 per individual donor. The maximum amount PA Post can receive is based on the size of the NewsMatch fund, which pools gifts from national and local funders to match individual contributions. In 2018, NewsMatch became the largest-ever grassroots fundraising campaign for non-profit news, raising more than $7.6 million for to INN member newsrooms nationwide.

Donor List

  • David A. Atkinson
  • Troy Bakel
  • Kathy Carter
  • Sue Cross
  • William Faron
  • Linda Freedenberg
  • Kevin Hess
  • Judy Jones
  • Richard Kleiser
  • Howard Kolus
  • Elizabeth Kury
  • William Lehr
  • KRP Leid
  • Matthew J. Leonard
  • Edward W. Neff
  • Kathleen Pavelko
  • Donna Pullo
  • Tim L. Reeves
  • Peter Risso
  • Lisa A. Ritter
  • Michael Robinson
  • Nicholas F. Selch
  • Bard Shollenberger
  • James Smith
  • Stephen Soloman
  • Jeffrey Spangler
  • Sylvia Stephenson
  • David W. Sweet
  • Debra Trudeau
  • Jeannine Turgeon
  • Mary Jo White
  • Matthew Wilson
  • Jeffrey C. Winemiller
  • Cynthia Withers
  • The Erie Community Foundation
  • The Foundation for Enhancing Communities
  • The Heinz Endowments
  • The Henry L. Hillman Foundation
  • The Kinsley Family Foundation
  • The Lancaster Community Foundation
  • The Lenfest Institute for Journalism
  • The Lois Lehrman Grass Foundation
  • The Philadelphia Foundation
  • The Pittsburgh Foundation
  • The Steinman Foundation
  • The Wyncote Foundation
  • The York County Community Foundation