Aaron Moselle

Aaron Moselle is a general assignment reporter for NewsWorks, filing stories for both web and radio. While you can find him at the courthouse or a school funding rally, he also spends a good chunk of his time writing about issues in Northwest Philadelphia, where he was born and raised. (Yes. Mount Airy is part of the city.) Before arriving at WHYY in 2010, Aaron was a freelance writer for a collection of community newspapers and alternative weeklies. He still can't get over the fact that he can walk to so many sights and sounds from his home base in South Philly.

Latest by Aaron Moselle

Furloughed IRS workers must return to work ahead of tax season

Alex Jay Berman has worked for the IRS more than two decades. He hasn’t a gotten a paycheck in a month. In two weeks, the balance of his savings account will hit zero.

By Aaron Moselle

Bucks County parent details violent origin of controversial school mascot

“It was used to describe body parts taken for bounty – bounty that was paid to white settlers.”
By Aaron Moselle

Defense expert: Neshaminy School District mascot reflects ‘living tradition’

“It’s really unfortunate in this case that they’re being disparaged as racists.”
By Aaron Moselle

Pa. commission could ax controversial Neshaminy school mascot

“It’s not only racial and insensitive, it’s polarizing.” -- Chad Dion Lassiter, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission executive director.
By Aaron Moselle

Despite high poverty, fewer people live on Philly’s streets than in other big cities

As of January, 1,083 Philadelphians live on the streets, according to city data.
By Aaron Moselle

Algorithm to reform criminal sentencing in Pa. faces deluge of criticism

“We need to treat everyone in this system as a person, not a number.”
By Aaron Moselle