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Aneri Pattani comes to Spotlight PA from The Philadelphia Inquirer, where she covered mental health, suicide and health disparities. Also, she helped launch a biweekly solutions-oriented series called Made in Philly aimed at engaging diverse communities. Previously, she uncovered New York City’s failure to protect children from lead poisoning as a reporter for WNYC, and exposed the abuses of Florida’s disability services system as a producer on the podcast Aftereffect. She has also been a James Reston reporting fellow at The New York Times, and reported from Liberia with columnist Nicholas Kristof. Pattani’s articles, on topics ranging from politics to crime to business, have appeared in The Boston Globe, The Texas Tribune, CNBC and The Hartford Courant. Originally from Connecticut, she graduated from Northeastern University in Boston in 2017.

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Politics, fear keep some COVID-positive people from disclosing contacts. What’s the solution?

Some counties are leaning on trusted community messengers to improve contact tracing success.

By Aneri Pattani/Spotlight PA

Thousands of deaths later, Pa. finally mandates universal testing in nursing homes, but not for another month

The Wolf administration in May touted widespread testing, but its plan fell short and, as of early June, only 75 of about 1,900 facilities had done it.

By Aneri Pattani/Spotlight PA

From confusion to threats, some Pa. nursing home residents aren’t getting their coronavirus stimulus checks

The reasons vary from apparent misunderstandings to facilities wrongly holding onto the $1,200 or, in one extreme case, threatening to evict residents unless they turned over the funds.
By Aneri Pattani/Spotlight PA

Updated: May 22, 2020 | 9:29 am

Pa. health officials quietly alter erroneous nursing home case, death counts as providers cry foul

Provider associations said publishing erroneous data has sown panic and anger among family members, distrust among nursing home staff, and frustration for providers.
By Aneri Pattani/Spotlight PA

Pa. sold nursing home testing plan as ‘universal’ and ‘radical,’ but advocates say it’s optional and insufficient

State officials opted against making testing mandatory, and some fear certain facilities won’t follow their suggestions.
By Aneri Pattani/Spotlight PA

Pa. had an early plan to protect nursing home residents from the coronavirus, but never fully implemented it

Similar measures to those envisioned were later put in place, but only after widespread outbreaks were already underway.
By Aneri Pattani/Spotlight PA and Rebecca Moss/Spotlight PA

How Pa. plans to keep track of the coronavirus after reopening to prevent another outbreak

Health officials said they will rely on a combination of partnerships with local hospital systems, voluntary tracking technology, and federal funding to hire additional staff.
By Aneri Pattani/Spotlight PA

Pa. slashed the ranks of its contact tracing nurses. Now, they are pivotal to reopening, but only a fraction remain.

For decades, they endured budget cuts, political battles, and a major state Supreme Court case. Now, when we need them most, only a skeleton crew remains.

By Aneri Pattani/Spotlight PA

Syringe exchanges deemed ‘life-sustaining’ during Pa. coronavirus shutdown, raising hopes for eventual legalization

Although technically illegal in Pennsylvania, about 20 syringe exchange programs operate across the state.
By Aneri Pattani/Spotlight PA

Quarantining patients at Pa. drug treatment centers could pose risk, but many have nowhere else to go

Some people in treatment centers have nowhere to go. With recovery houses and homeless shelters closing to new entrants, alternatives are dwindling
By Aneri Pattani/Spotlight PA