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Bobby Allyn covers courts, criminal justice and breaking news for WHYY. Before coming to Philadelphia, he was in Nashville, where he wrote about legal issues and urban change for regional and national newspapers. He spent his last year there as a reporter for Nashville Public Radio. Before that, he was a staff writer covering federal courts for the Tennessean. His stories have been heard on NPR’s Morning Edition, All Things Considered and other shows. Bobby grew up near Wilkes-Barre, a small blue-collar town in Northeastern Pennsylvania. He is a first-generation college graduate who studied philosophy and journalism at American University in Washington. At other points in life, he has lived and worked in Brooklyn, Portland, Ore. and Sweden. He enjoys bike commuting and black coffee.

Latest by Bobby Allyn, WHYY

Pa. lawmaker cited by report defends role as ‘copycat’ legislator

“We don’t copy and paste legislation. I’ve never done that."
By Bobby Allyn, WHYY

‘Hyperloop’ cargo from Philly to Pittsburgh? It may not be that far-fetched

"It’s good for any organization to do a little ‘blue sky’ thinking."
By Bobby Allyn, WHYY

Support for legal marijuana defies party politics in Pa. — among residents, not lawmakers

“I don’t think there’s any chance this passes this session."
By Bobby Allyn, WHYY

Corrections Secretary: Fewer inmates will not mean a prison closure in 2019

"While the numbers are down significantly, the system is in need of some stability."
By Bobby Allyn, WHYY

Pa. weighs plan to tax violent video games to fund school security

"I just don’t want people to think that taxing video games will make the world safer because it won’t.”
By Bobby Allyn, WHYY

Food stamp crisis looming in Pa. because of government shutdown

Early data suggest people are not budgeting early February SNAP benefits as hoped.
By Bobby Allyn, WHYY

New lawsuit against Pa. Catholic dioceses demand more secrets be revealed

Plaintiffs' lawyers say they want more alleged enablers to be named
By Bobby Allyn, WHYY