Brett Sholtis, Reporter

Brett Sholtis is a reporter for PA Post. He’s also WITF’s Transforming Health reporter, focusing on health policy and personal health issues. Brett previously worked as a business reporter for York Daily Record. He’s a graduate of University of Pittsburgh.

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Lawmaker targets companies that profit from Medicaid claims

"This is a government program for some of the poorest of the poor, and no one should be making a profit on it to that extent."
By Brett Sholtis

Hospitals now must list their prices, but shopping around might be more confusing than helpful

In Pennsylvania and elsewhere, someone who isn’t a medical billing professional would have no idea what services would be bundled together on a bill.

By Brett Sholtis

Stories we followed in 2018: Fighting back against opioid addiction

A year that began with record overdose deaths also saw an unprecedented response.
By Brett Sholtis

Emergency rooms are flooded with mental health patients who have nowhere else to go

Health system and county officials point to a need for more mental health resources.
By Brett Sholtis

State mulls more naloxone handouts after strong demand

"People have to be alive to get the help that they need. It gives people a chance to choose recovery again."
By Katie Meyer and Brett Sholtis

Updated: December 13, 2018 | 3:22 pm

The state is offering paramedics a type of naloxone the Health Department says they shouldn’t use

The Department of Health's policy directs the use of intravenous doses, not the nasal spray
By Brett Sholtis

‘There are no answers’: One family pushes forward after losing teenager to suicide

Josh Sterner had good psychiatric care, a therapist and access to medication. None of that prevented his death.
By Brett Sholtis