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Brett Sholtis is WITF’s Transforming Health reporter, covering health policy and community health issues that affect Pennsylvanians. Brett strives to share personal stories that have a tie to broad issues and emerging trends. He seeks to give voice to diverse viewpoints, including those of people living with mental illness, disability and those living in poverty. He plays a key role in WITF’s mental health series, Through the Cracks, which reports on problem areas in mental health services and efforts to reduce stigma around those living with behavioral disorders. Previously, Brett was a business reporter at the York Daily Record, where his work included award-winning examinations of the nuclear power industry and food safety. He is a University of Pittsburgh graduate and a Pennsylvania Army National Guard veteran.

Latest by Brett Sholtis

Five days after inmates speak out, woman with severe mental illness gets moved from Bucks County jail

Kimberly Stringer was transferred from the jail to a state psychiatric hospital after inmates’ claims about mistreatment and ‘horrific’ conditions became public.

By Brett Sholtis

Updated: June 18, 2020 | 9:04 am

‘She’s breaking down’: Inmates at Bucks County jail decry treatment of suicidal woman with severe mental illness

Diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder, 28-year-old Kim Stringer was sent to jail in April, during the peak of the coronavirus. Her parents haven’t heard from her since.

By Brett Sholtis

For some black voters in the midstate, a vote is a call for change

Some black voters pointed to ongoing protests against police brutality and the coronavirus pandemic as reasons to get to the polls. 

By Rachel McDevitt and Brett Sholtis

Mayor: ‘White woman’ who busted windshield at Harrisburg protest led police to use pepper spray, riot gear

Police say "outside agitators" were responsible for the few incidents of violence at the mostly peaceful protest Saturday.
By Brett Sholtis

UPMC rakes in $228 million in coronavirus stimulus cash, dwarfing competitors

The enormous handout to the state’s largest hospital chain is the result of a federal formula that rewarded companies based on revenue and medical claims, not actual need.
By Brett Sholtis

Pa.’s largest nurses’ union accuses hospitals of misinforming state officials about protective equipment

The union says health systems are sitting on stockpiles of N95 respirators, leaving nurses without needed protection, as some hospitals restart elective procedures.
By Brett Sholtis

Workers in Pennsylvania with preexisting health conditions fear a call to return to work

They are particularly at risk of serious complications or death if they get the coronavirus, but if they refuse to work, they could lose their job and unemployment.

By Brett Sholtis

Ex-Homeland Security secretary Tom Ridge on shutdown protesters: ‘…now’s not the time to be about self’

The former Pa. governor said, the most patriotic thing people can do right now is to stay home and follow health experts’ guidelines. 
By Brett Sholtis

Voices from Harrisburg’s shutdown protest-turned GOP rally

Defying the governor's shutdown order, and spurred on by far-right activists and Republican state lawmakers, hundreds of people gathered to demand that businesses reopen.
By Brett Sholtis

Pa. keeps hospitals’ coronavirus emergency plans secret as health systems seek huge sums in tax relief, other financial help

The state Department of Health is not making hospital preparedness plans available or overseeing whether hospitals are following those plans.
By Brett Sholtis