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Thompson has covered state government for The Patriot since 1999. Prior to that, he had covered various Cumberland County municipalities and school districts. Thompson lives in Carlisle with his wife, Beth, and their two children.

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Five Pa. GOP congressmen ask Gov. Wolf to help Trump Administration on Mexican border

“Pennsylvania should lend to the president as many National Guard troops as possible until the crisis is resolved.”
By Charles Thompson, PennLive

Harrisburg school board election: Voters speak for change. Will state beat them to the punch?

“Anybody who would let things get so bad that they’re threatening (state) receivership is not doing a good job."
By Charles Thompson, PennLive

Four officers, including Deputy U.S. Marshal Christopher Hill, remembered at Pa.’s Law Enforcement Memorial Day

“It takes a unique bravery to run toward danger, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the bravery to do this job."
By Charles Thompson, PennLive

Pot company’s claims lead to a state inquiry over medical marijuana licensing rules

Harvest Health created seven separate companies — most of them limited liability companies with different ownership groups — to hold dispensary licenses in regions around the state.

By Charles Thompson, PennLive

Returning to stickers for Pa. car registrations: ‘A public safety issue’ or an annoying backtrack?

Rep. Barry Jozwiak believes PennDOT’s 2016 modernization effort has resulted in an uptick in scofflaws who are skipping the registration process.

By Charles Thompson, PennLive

What, us worry? Pennsylvania conservatives say they like their odds going into the 2020 election cycle

The conservative activists populating the 2019 PA Leadership Conference say they see a clear path to a repeat Donald Trump win in Pennsylvania in 2020.

By Charles Thompson, PennLive

How high will Pa. Turnpike fares go? (And other numbers you should know)

$11.8 billion is the level of outstanding debt the state’s original cross-state toll road is shouldering.
By Charles Thompson, PennLive

Pennsylvania victims aren’t invited, but will be represented at Vatican conference on clergy sex abuse

“They might not let us in, but I’m going to be banging really hard on that door.”
By Charles Thompson, PennLive

Truck stop or convenience store? The answer will affect Pa.’s gambling expansion

It's one of the most interesting questions in the commonwealth's gambling world right now
By Charles Thompson, PennLive

Call it the mid-term flu: Pa. sees a surge in special elections

If it feels like this is happening with more regularity, it is.
By Charles Thompson, PennLive