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New to PA, covering Harrisburg for PennLive, former reporter for The KC Star, who writes while standing because prolonged sitting is as harmful as smoking

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Horse racing industry stages rally to buck Gov. Wolf’s plan to raid its trust fund

The groups says the move to take $204 million from a $250-million fund would result in “the end of horse racing in Pennsylvania."
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Harrisburg superintendent thought district was ‘running smoothly,’: 11 findings from state audit

A recently-released audit of the Harrisburg School District revealed $5 million in questioned costs and provided a glimpse into the district’s finances.But it may not be the full picture.

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Shooting by Harrisburg district judge turned over to attorney general’s office

Magisterial District Judge Sonya McKnight shot her estranged husband when he visited her house. She had filed for a protection from abuse order in October, but the order had been changed on April 18 to allow for peaceful contact.

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Harrisburg tops the state in teacher turnover: Five former teachers explain why

“The teachers are the ones attempting to do the right thing. But if they get no support, what good are you?”
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Warrants served by US marshals task force drop in year after deputy killed in Harrisburg

“The incident left a permanent scar on that unit. But they’re trained to overcome extreme difficulties."
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Penn State hazing report: Sorority members forced to lick toes, frat members immersed in trash cans of ice

Four of the 10 incidents reported in the last school year involved alcohol-consumption
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Harrisburg Catholics seeking answers after clergy sex abuse scandal pack ‘listening session’

“Why was this allowed to go on for so long and how can it get better?”
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