Dave Davies, WHYY

Dave Davies has covered local politics and government in Philadelphia for more than 30 years. He is currently senior reporter for WHYY, and a contributor and fill-in host for Fresh Air with Terry Gross. He was reporter and columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News for 19 years, and before that was city hall bureau chief for KYW News Radio and city hall correspondent for WHYY. He’s a Texas native who’s spent his working life in Philadelphia. Before getting into journalism, he worked as a teacher, cab driver and welder.

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‘Johnny Doc’ charged: The political fallout

“Doc and Local 98 are a center of gravity in a campaign environment. When you remove that, the typical political path is no longer as predictable.”
By Dave Davies, WHYY

Former U.S. Sen. Harris Wofford of Pa. dies at 92

“The key to understanding my dad was that he believed in big ideas. He pursued them, and he pursued them over time.”
By Dave Davies, WHYY

Democrats roar in Pennsylvania

Democrats captured nine of the state’s 18 congressional districts and kept the governor's office and a U.S. Senate seat
By Dave Davies, WHYY