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David Wenner has worked for The Patriot-News/PennLive since 1999 and has won numerous awards for his reporting. He often writes about health care as well as breaking news. He appreciates knowing about any important, troubling or otherwise newsworthy situation in central Pennsylvania. He can be reached at dwenner@pennlive.com or 717-255-8172.

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For Pa. farmers, year of record rain often a ‘big nuisance’

“The thing about farming is very year is challenging. You have challenges every year. We’ve probably had more of them.”
By David Wenner/PennLive

Trump tells adoring central Pa. crowd he’ll win easily in 2020

“I think he’s done a lot more than any of the presidents he followed."
By David Wenner/PennLive

Pa. is ‘ground zero’ for 2020 presidential election — it’s showing already

“The fact is, precious few states are likely to matter, and Pennsylvania has emerged as one of the top-tier states."
By David Wenner/PennLive

Horse racing’s uncomfortable truth: Horses die — at a rate of more than one per week in Pa.

In Pennsylvania, 87 horses died at the state’s three thoroughbred racing venues last year, a rate of about 1.5 a week. Those include horses which died of racing and training injuries or other causes while at the track.

By David Wenner/PennLive

Central Pa. Marine killed in Afghanistan riffed on movies, gave respect to all

"He never treated you like a subordinate. You were always an equal and friend.”
By David Wenner/PennLive

Is the deck stacked against patients? Fight over medical malpractice lawsuits returns to Pa.

"This risks tearing the scab off and opening all that up again.”
By David Wenner/PennLive

Flu declared widespread in Pa.; death count doubles

The latest report shows flu taking the steep climb that often follows holiday gatherings and the beginning of the new year.
By David Wenner/PennLive