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David Wenner has worked for The Patriot-News/PennLive since 1999 and has won numerous awards for his reporting. He often writes about health care as well as breaking news. He appreciates knowing about any important, troubling or otherwise newsworthy situation in central Pennsylvania. He can be reached at dwenner@pennlive.com or 717-255-8172.

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Coronavirus test expected to be available in Pa. by end of week

“We gain time. We gain the ability to activate a response more quickly.”
By David Wenner/PennLive

Central Pa. Ebola center repurposed for coronavirus, other hospitals also getting ready

“We’re working around the clock on these issues.”
By David Wenner/PennLive

F&M poll: 57 percent of respondents in Pa. says it’s time for a change from President Trump

Nearly two-thirds of registered voters who took part in the survey say they are highly interested in the 2020 elections.
By David Wenner/PennLive

Trump lags — especially with women — according to new poll in Pa. and other states he narrowly won in 2016

About 47 percent of Pennsylvanians would vote for the Democratic candidate (the poll didn’t name one) challenging Trump.
By David Wenner/PennLive

Family farm life can turn deadly for kids, with 11 killed in just one Pa. county over five years

On small farms, home life often overlaps with one of the most dangerous workplaces.
By David Wenner/PennLive

Three Mile Island wants to end siren tests, radiation monitoring as part of reduced emergency planning role

If the request is granted, the 10-mile evacuation zone surrounding TMI would cease to exist.
By David Wenner/PennLive

Central Pa. lawmaker sounds alarm over care for people who can’t breathe on their own

It often takes weeks or months of specialized care before a patient can breathe on their own again, and such care is labor-intensive and expensive.

By David Wenner/PennLive

Central Pa. hospital searches for source of infection that struck eight babies, including three who died

All eight babies were born at less than 27 weeks and considered “very premature.”
By David Wenner/PennLive

For Pa. farmers, year of record rain often a ‘big nuisance’

“The thing about farming is very year is challenging. You have challenges every year. We’ve probably had more of them.”
By David Wenner/PennLive