Emily Previti, Reporter & The Context Producer

Emily is a reporter and newsletter producer for statehouse accountability news organization PA Post. She was the senior reporter for statewide public media collaboration Keystone Crossroads. Previously, she covered city hall for PennLive/The Patriot-News (Harrisburg, Pa.), was a watchdog and city hall reporter at The Press of Atlantic City and reported for the Northwest Herald. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

Latest by Emily Previti

State officials unclear on backup plan if federal courts decertify voting machine

Besides the voting system targeted by this lawsuit, others with similar characteristics could be affected by a decertification ruling.
By Emily Previti

What does it take to run an election?

30+ states require specific training for election officials; Pennsylvania doesn’t
By Emily Previti

Counties don’t see election reform money in governor’s proposed budget

Voting machine reimbursement is in the FY2021 fiscal plan, but not direct funding for Act 77.
By Emily Previti

The high stakes of Pa.’s 2020 legislative races

Reformers seek independent redistricting process
By Emily Previti

Elevating Pa. voters’ say in choosing the president in 2024

Bill would advance primary date to March
By Emily Previti

Will the ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ movement backfire?

At least one Pa. gun rights activist thinks so
By Emily Previti

Groups challenging voting machine switch gears, counties remain in limbo

More than 2 million voters in three counties will remain in limbo a bit longer after a voting machine lawsuit changed course late Friday.

By Emily Previti

Pa. regulators: Natural gas driller flouting ‘good faith’ agreement

Company avoided fine by promising to fix methane leaks, but never did
By Emily Previti

Human trafficking crackdown heading for a final vote

State lawmakers advanced seven other measures intended to address the problem
By Emily Previti