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Pa. to launch review of its science standards that may include emphasis on helping students think like scientists

"Science is increasingly part of our education, work, and lives in a changing economy.”
By Jan Murphy/PennLive

Pa. House of Representatives voluntary buyout offer accepted by 63 employees

The program offered to full-time employees with at least five years of service were given the opportunity to leave their job by the end of October and collect $1,000 for each year of service, up to $25,000.

By Jan Murphy/PennLive

Pa. school districts turn to collection agencies to pursue payment of debts for meals

“It’s definitely an issue and if nothing else, it’s caused us to focus on it as a priority to chase down money."
By Jan Murphy/PennLive

Pa. Auditor General calls for more training, closer scrutiny of district judges

A former Erie County magisterial district judge’s misclassification of civil claims has sparked a call from the state’s auditor general for closer scrutiny of these local judges, as well as giving them more training.

By Jan Murphy/PennLive

V-tolls: What they are and why you might be paying them if you travel the Pa. Turnpike

The most frequent trigger for a V-toll charge is improper location of a transponder.

By Jan Murphy/PennLive

Pa. auditor general’s budget cut: ‘He’s obviously getting under somebody’s skin,’ an analyst says

Eugene DePasquale’s frequent press conferences, the flurry of news releases, and his forays into policy areas that go beyond the traditional responsibilities of the auditor general’s office made him one of the most visible state officials around.

By Jan Murphy/PennLive

This spur-wearing senator is hoping to prod Pa. forward through lawmaking that makes a difference

Sen. Doug Mastriano is the first spur-wearing senator to walk on to the chamber’s floor in the 21st century and likely the only one who has done so for decades before.

By Jan Murphy/PennLive

When it comes to grading teachers in Pa., test scores could carry less weight

“I think it will ensure greater creativity and innovation for teachers to do best what they do in the classroom – to creatively instruct."
By Jan Murphy/PennLive

Old enough to marry? Or buy cigarettes? Age matters in bills before Pa. lawmakers

Lawmakers are weighing different bills that would require Pennsylvanians to wait until age 18 – or 21 – before making some major life decisions.

By Jan Murphy/PennLive

Calls for criminal justice reform in Pa. are gathering broad support

“We need to remove barriers and we need to say to people that they deserve a second chance,” said Rep. Sheryl Delozier, R-Cumberland County.

By Jan Murphy/PennLive