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Some Pa. superintendents have been quietly armed in schools — and parents probably don’t know it

“In my opinion, it should be done out in the light of day, so citizens know, ‘Here’s what’s going on in our schools.'”
By Jen Kinney, Keystone Crossroads

Implosion of former Bethlehem Steel HQ highlights changing face of the Lehigh Valley

“I wish it wasn’t going to happen. It’s such a landmark of Bethlehem."
By Jen Kinney, Keystone Crossroads

Tamaqua parents shocked that armed teacher policy has been quietly reinstated

"If I find out there is a gun in my classroom with my teacher, I am going to ask to leave that room immediately."
By Jen Kinney, Keystone Crossroads

Equity advocates criticize Wolf’s plan to boost teacher salaries in Pa.

“I do not believe that a $22,000 starting salary is fair for someone who’s in charge of educating your children.”
By Jen Kinney, Keystone Crossroads

‘Hard’ and ‘soft’ school safety solutions on display at western Pa. conference

School districts have a lot of discretion in how they approach safety and security. All Pennsylvania districts are eligible for $25,000 safety grants per year, which they can spend on anything from counselors to metal detectors.

By Jen Kinney, Keystone Crossroads

Tamaqua teachers continue legal fight against arming school staff despite court ruling

“I believe we still can prove our case. To me, the absence of harm doesn’t disprove that there’s a danger.”
By Jen Kinney, Keystone Crossroads

Tamaqua school board punts on policy to allow teachers to carry guns

"I really believed the board had truly believed that this was the best way to protect our students. It has gone from that to a Second Amendment push."
By Jen Kinney, Keystone Crossroads

Parent lawsuit over armed teachers sparks heated exchange in Tamaqua

'I don't believe a teacher should have to pack and carry, their sole responsibility should be to teach a student,' said mother Holly Koscak.
By Jen Kinney, Keystone Crossroads