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Joseph Darius Jaafari
Joseph Darius Jaafari is a staff writer for the PA Post. His work covering crime, the military and LGBTQ issues has been featured in The Marshall Project, Rolling Stone Magazine, The Atlantic and The New York Times. He is a graduate of the Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY, and an award-winning documentary filmmaker who has produced for VICE and The New York Post. He is a native Arizonan and infamous for his love of tacos.

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What citizens should know about how police are trained
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Police use of force and the public’s right to know

Too many Pa. police depts. won't publish use-of-force policies
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Some police departments say publicizing use-of-force policies builds trust. Others say the public can’t be trusted

Killing of George Floyd on Memorial Day heightens calls for transparency in how police in Pennsylvania are trained
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Fear of flying in the summer of coronavirus

Fight the virus by wearing a mask!
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What the ‘defund the police’ movement overlooks

It's not a simple calculation, esp. in Pa.'s smaller communities
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Disbanding local police is common in Pa. But it’s caused larger problems for State Police

Pennsylvania State Police provide coverage for municipalities across the state that don’t have their own departments. That makes any talk of defunding police more complicated.

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What is Juneteenth and will Americans embrace it?

Is it enough to declare a holiday and move on?
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What does Pride month have to do with police reform?

From Stonewall to 'defund the police'
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Why Gov. Tom Wolf’s big effort to grant coronavirus reprieves to Pa. inmates came up small

The Department of Corrections has defended its response, saying it was a cautious approach that included all relevant parties to represent the public interest.
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