Keira McGuire, Multimedia Producer

Keira is a health reporter and multimedia producer for PA Post. She also hosts and produces the Emmy Award winning show HealthSmart, as well as other shows and documentaries for WITF’s Original Productions. Keira previously worked at WBFF in Baltimore and WMDT in Salisbury as a reporter and anchor. She’s a graduate of Towson University.

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Homeless and mentally ill: Hilda’s story

Hilda hasn’t always been homeless. She has tried many housing situations, but since 2009 she has been evicted from at least six places. She says people don’t understand her or her habits. Sometimes, she says she doesn’t understand herself. Hilda has been diagnosed with several mental illness disorders.

By Keira McGuire

‘I had to keep going’: Grandparents often raise children when opioids claim their parents

For Vickie Glatfelter, a challenge and an inspiration
By Keira McGuire

Education vs. Epidemic: When parents use, kids often drag the burden to class

Kids from homes where a parent is addicted to opioids have other priorities than what’s happening in school. “It’s what you would see in a movie — 10 times worse,” a rehabilitation center manager said.

By Keira McGuire

Born addicted to opioids: Neonatal abstinence syndrome

Lisa Nye says it was hard to watch her newborn baby shake and tremor. Isabella Nye was born addicted to opioids. She spent weeks in the NICU with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) before she could leave the hospital with her mother.

By Keira McGuire

First responders talk about opioid overdoses and saving lives

First responders are on the front line of the opioid epidemic and have witnessed the devastation firsthand. Pennsylvania invested $5 million to arm first responders with naloxone, the opioid overdose reversal drug. That money provided police, EMTs and other first responders with more than 60,000 naloxone kits.

By Keira McGuire