Katie Meyer, Reporter & Host

Katie is a reporter for PA Post and she hosts its political podcast State of the State. For two years she has covered the legislature, governor, and a wide range of political issues for public radio stations across Pennsylvania.

Latest by Katie Meyer

Decades after ‘Silent Spring,’ peregrine falcons thrive on Harrisburg’s Rachel Carson Building

The predatory falcons, once completely wiped out in Pennsylvania, have settled on the 15th floor ledge of a building that’s home to the Department of Environmental Protection.
By Katie Meyer

Democrats take to Harrisburg market to argue for higher wage in Pennsylvania

If you’re not thinking about your employees, you’re not taking them into account, and that’s a shame.”
By Katie Meyer

It can be hard for Pa. convicts to get professional licenses. Some lawmakers aim to change that.

"There will no longer be this ground to just say, 'This person didn't have a good moral character. What does that even mean?"
By Katie Meyer

IFO says though economy has slowed slightly, state finances are stable

IFO Director Matthew Knittel: Overall, economic growth slowed slightly but remains strong.
By Katie Meyer

Gov. Wolf wants state to chip in $12.8 million to boost census responses

"We're going to have to provide really good ambassadors to our hard-to-count communities, whether it's clergy or teachers..."
By Katie Meyer

Episode 31: The abortion debate in Pa.

Like other states attempting to curtail abortion, Pennsylvania has its own bill.
By Katie Meyer

Activist groups project faces of immigrant detainees on Harrisburg building

"You don't lock up families, you don't lock up children."
By Katie Meyer

Gov. Wolf derides ‘lack of strategy’ in Trump’s trade approach

"Farmers I've talked to say it actually is a Band-Aid."
By Katie Meyer

House passes veto-bound abortion bill amid constitutionality questions

Governor Tom Wolf has said he will veto the measure if the Senate passes it to him.
By Katie Meyer

House takes first step toward charter school overhaul

Two of the bills passed got bipartisan support. One creates new ethics requirements for charter school administrators, and another would let charter students enroll in college classes.

By Katie Meyer