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Katie Meyer
Katie is a reporter for WITF and hosts PA Post's political podcast State of the State. For two years she has covered the legislature, governor, and a wide range of political issues for public radio stations across Pennsylvania.

Latest by Katie Meyer

Report flags 145 of Pennsylvania’s dams as dangerous

The Associated Press says those high-risk structures are in poor condition, and could kill people if they collapse.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 51: Election outcomes

There was an election last Tuesday, and though there weren’t many big, statewide contests it was still a pretty active night.

By Katie Meyer

Toomey takes preventative measures as Dems call for fracking bans

Pennsylvania’s Republican U.S. Senator has introduced a resolution he hopes will enable Congress to defeat future presidents’ fracking bans in court.

By Katie Meyer

Pennsylvania’s liquor board is posting record profits. That worries some lawmakers.

Republicans in the state legislature have long pushed to privatize the commonwealth’s state-run liquor industry.
By Katie Meyer

Seven Pa. workers want their union dues back

Last year, a Supreme Court decision made it illegal for public sector unions to compel non-members to pay dues. Some non-members are now trying to recoup that money.

By Katie Meyer

Pa. voters approve Marsy’s Law by wide margin, but legal challenge could block it

It could take a year or longer to resolve whether victims’ rights measure is constitutional
By Katie Meyer

State Supreme Court confirms, Marsy’s Law votes won’t be certified

Voters can cast ballots on the proposed amendment, but the state won’t do an official count until courts decide whether the victims’ rights proposal is constitutional.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 50: The Marsy’s Law twists continue

An update on the legislature’s recent actions, and the latest on a contentious amendment.
By Katie Meyer

In unprecedented move, judge blocks Marsy’s Law ballots from being counted—for now

The ACLU and other groups had argued the victims’ rights constitutional amendment is too broad and could compromise the rights of the accused. The judge agreed.
By Katie Meyer

House members launch a plan they say will make Pa.’s pensions more transparent

The bills are in their early days, but they’ve already gotten early rebukes from staff for one of two pension systems.
By Katie Meyer