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Smart Talk: Author talks about Pa. pubs ‘where rabble-rousers and rum runners stirred up revolutions’

Taverns played a key role in some notable state and U.S. history
By Merideth Bucher

Smart Talk: Health experts discuss AIDS stigma, treatment and more

The global event marks 30 year anniversary
By Merideth Bucher

Smart Talk: Most Pa. school superintendents are men; women earn more on average

PA Post analyzed statewide superintendent salary data
By Merideth Bucher

Smart Talk: “Through the Cracks” examines mental health treatment in Pennsylvania

Many who suffer can't find the treatment or assistance they need
By Merideth Bucher

Smart Talk: Voter registration increasing for both parties and independents

Reporter Emily Previti discusses trends that, experts say, reflect voter excitement for midterms
By Merideth Bucher

Smart Talk: Breaking down the U.S. Senate candidates’ positions on healthcare

Transforming Health reporter Brett Sholtis compares where the candidates stand
By Merideth Bucher

Smart Talk: Lawmakers on animal protection bills; 10th district candidate George Scott talks issues

Animal protection event at Capitol; Scott, Democrat challenging U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, lays out platform
By Merideth Bucher

Smart Talk: Lead poisoning inspector policy changes

Following a state policy change, long-time lead inspectors aren't able to get contracts
By Merideth Bucher