Nina Feldman, WHYY

Nina Feldman covers behavioral health for WHYY. She grew up in Ann Arbor Michigan, but before coming to Philadelphia she lived in New Orleans, where she worked at American Routes and contributed to the NPR affiliate WWNO. She likes to understand neighborhoods, watch friends do what they’re good at, and be underwater. She also started the New Orleans Ladies Arm Wrestling league, or NO LAW.

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Pennsylvania could make it harder for doctors to prescribe buprenorphine

The Pennsylvania Senate is considering a bill that would further regulate the drug buprenorphine, which is used to treat opioid addiction because it curbs cravings and stems withdrawal symptoms.

By Nina Feldman, WHYY

Drexel survey shows wider neighborhood support for overdose prevention site

A new study from Drexel University’s Dornsife School of Public Health found that 90% of Kensington residents who responded to an in-person survey supported an overdose-prevention site in their neighborhood.

By Nina Feldman, WHYY

Philadelphia jail offers out-of-cell therapy for inmates in solitary confinement

“With the idea the correctional system is becoming the new state hospital, it would be nice to be able to enhance the services for the seriously mentally ill in our population.”
By Nina Feldman, WHYY

Sweetened-beverage sales drop as a result of soda tax, Penn study finds

“This is some of the most compelling data on a way to get people to buy fewer of these drinks that we know are unhealthy.”
By Nina Feldman, WHYY

Chester County joins local governments suing opioid manufacturers

At least 18 Pa. counties have filed similar lawsuits in recent years. 
By Nina Feldman, WHYY

Opioid prescription database helps Pa. doctors find at-risk patients

"We don’t want people to suffer, but we don’t want opioids to be overprescribed.”
By Nina Feldman, WHYY