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WHYY arts & culture reporter Peter Crimmins first became interested in radio in the fourth grade, when he hid a homemade, contraband crystal-diode radio in a shoebox and smuggled it into the Boy Scout summer camp.
Subsequent radio projects were more successful. For eight years, Peter was the producer and host of a radio show about cinema — “Film Close-Ups” — on KALX in Berkeley, Ca., and was senior producer at Ben Manilla Productions in San Francisco (i.e. the paying gig). After wandering the freelance universe for a few years, he joined the WHYY staff. He rides his bike to work from South Philadelphia.

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Philadelphia mayor initiates process to consider removal of Columbus statue as clash gets violent

The move comes after three days of tense standoffs which erupted in violence again Monday between the group and some counter-protesters.
By Katie Meyer/WHYY and Peter Crimmins/WHYY

‘It lifts our spirits:’ Philly area celebrates Easter with bagpipes, wearing PJs in parking lots

St. Martin-in-the-Fields opted to offer Easter worship services online, but it also wanted to do something to help the neighborhood celebrate the day in person.
By Peter Crimmins/WHYY

This year is not like other years: Philly families learn new rules for Passover

Many Jewish families cannot gather around a table for the Seder, as they have done for generations, so they are putting their own personal style on it.

By Peter Crimmins/WHYY

PAFA displays Black art collection of Constance Clayton, former Philadelphia school superintendent

“I think she and her mom were specifically creating a collection that marched us through the history of African American art"
By Peter Crimmins/WHYY

Getting to know Frances Harper: Pa. activist for civil rights, women’s suffrage

For the next five months, the public is invited to step up and learn about Frances Watkins Harper.

By Peter Crimmins/WHYY

Say yes to the dress, and the vote: Suffrage and style at Brandywine Museum

Votes for Women” unpacks the iconography of a nationwide civil rights campaign a century ago.
By Peter Crimmins/WHYY

Pharmacist, know thyself: University of the Sciences discovers its own history

After 200 years of collecting things related to the science and business of pharmacology, the Philadelphia university is not quite sure what it has in its collection.

By Peter Crimmins/WHYY

Native American comic artists tell story of 1763 massacre of Conestoga tribe in Lancaster

“The landscape of film and TV that shows dead natives is hip-deep. You wade through it. We didn’t want to do that. We didn’t need to fetishize what happened.”
By Peter Crimmins/WHYY

‘One of the greatest places to shoot in the world’: M. Night Shyamalan pushes Pa. to boost film tax credit

The tax credit offers a 25% tax break to film productions that spend at least 60% of their costs in Pennsylvania.
By Peter Crimmins/WHYY