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Despite industry challenges, Penn State doubles down on nuclear energy program

Over the last several years, more students are enrolling in nuclear engineering programs. In 2016, the most recent year data is available, 621 bachelors degrees were awarded in nuclear engineering in the United States.

By Ron Southwick , PennLive

If Three Mile Island shuts down, counties could lose grant money

Municipalities within the 10-mile zone surrounding Three Mile Island receive money for emergency management purposes to prepare for any number of disasters.

By Ron Southwick , PennLive

Could a Three Mile Island-related mass evacuation happen today?

“In 1979, we didn’t have nearly the population we have now. Traffic would be at a crawl.”
By Ron Southwick , PennLive

Three Mile Island accident was eerily foreshadowed by a Hollywood blockbuster days before

Columbia Pictures, the studio that released the movie, actually pulled the film from some theaters to deter criticism of capitalizing on the accident at TMI.

By Ron Southwick , PennLive

Pa. Health Department ordered to turn over leases on nursing homes

PennLive investigation found problems at homes formerly owned by Golden Living
By Ron Southwick , PennLive