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Ryan Briggs is an investigative journalist who has covered politics, criminal justice and government policy since 2011. He has worked as a staff reporter for Next City, the Philadelphia City Paper, Philly.com and City & State PA, while contributing stories to a variety of other news outlets as a freelancer, including WHYY.

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‘They’re peaceful’: Pa. State Police release dashcam video from I-676 protest tear-gassing

The footage does not appear to otherwise corroborate accounts of violence circulated by Mayor Jim Kenney’s office in justification of the tear-gassing.
By Ryan Briggs/WHYY

South Philly police captain removed after Columbus statue protests, amid larger shakeup

PPD Capt. Louis Campione was caught on camera arguing with a man taping the protests and drew criticism over other videos showing a group of armed neighbors assaulting protestors.

By Ryan Briggs/WHYY and Max Marin/WHYY

Pennsylvania sees 20 percent surge in mortality rate during COVID crisis

“Every time we dig deeper, we find more of these COVID deaths.”

By Ryan Briggs/WHYY and Nina Feldman/WHYY

Pandemic crushes Pa. highway toll revenue, jeopardizing $178M for SEPTA upgrades

A Turnpike Commission spokesman says the agency was still discussing alternatives to suspending quarterly transit payments.
By Ryan Briggs/WHYY

Pennsylvania nearing peak of COVID-19 outbreak, projections show

“It’s a surprisingly accurate model. Their predictions of what today would look like three weeks ago are very good."
By Nina Feldman/WHYY and Ryan Briggs/WHYY

‘How could they do that to my kid?’: Parents sue state-funded van service after preschoolers tied up with duct tape

The lawsuit underscores the complex web of companies responsible for transporting tens of thousands of vulnerable children and low-income Philadelphians to clinics and behavioral health programs.

By Nina Feldman/WHYY and Ryan Briggs/WHYY