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Smart Talk: Domestic Violence — ending the abuse

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of abuse and how to prevent it from happening.

By Smart Talk

Myths and misconceptions about Pennsylvania’s black bears

Many myths and misconceptions surround black bears. For instance, they are not always black, some are a cinnamon color. Depending on where they live, black bears exhibit different “denning” times, pelt color and movement patterns, so there are unique qualities within the population.

By Smart Talk and Justin Kocis

Smart Talk: A legislative plan to eliminate property taxes

A new piece of legislation seeks to create a permanent fix to the funding shortfall that would be created by eliminating property taxes.

By Smart Talk

Smart Talk: The 2020 Census preparations are underway

The U.S. Census has been called one of the most logistically complex operations ever conducted by the federal government.

By Merideth Bucher and Smart Talk