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Reporter covering court in Cumberland and York counties, as well as Cumberland County government. Contact me at 717-255-8266 or Follow me on Twitter @SteveMarroni.

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2 Harrisburg-based Marine Reservists’ deaths may be linked to Russian bounties

“If this was kind of swept under the carpet as to not make it a bigger issue with Russia...I lost all respect for this administration and everything.”
By Steve Marroni/PennLive

Food bank use in Pa. triples amid coronavirus unemployment

“This new Emergency Food Hub is a game changer for us."
By Steve Marroni/PennLive

Stephen Reed loved Harrisburg ‘until his dying breath’: Funeral Mass for ‘mayor for life’ held Monday

Reed, who has a complicated history with the city and many ups and downs during and after his tenure, died Jan. 25 after a long battle with cancer.
By Steve Marroni/PennLive

After a new killing on the Appalachian Trail, the 1990 death of hikers in Pa. haunts their friend anew

“The Appalachian Trail is about the safest place you can be in terms of encounters with people,” Earl Swift said.

By Steve Marroni/PennLive

Fallen Marine based out of Harrisburg achieved dreams of being FDNY firefighter and U.S. Marine: father

"I....opened the front door, and looked at the two Marines in uniform, and I said, ‘This is not good. You’re not going to tell me anything bad, are you?’”
By Steve Marroni/PennLive

Nonprofit works to keep Gettysburg park open despite government shutdown

“We’re making lemonade out of lemons.”
By Steve Marroni/PennLive