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Accountability (When it's broken, we'll show you)

Safe to join Boy Scouts? Some parents say policy upgrades help prevent abuse

Some parents have fashioned their own protocols to ensure their children’s safety. Others say Boy Scouts of America has learned from past mistakes and has itself instituted policies that will protect their children.

By Nicholas Pugliese, WHYY and Ximena Conde, WHYY

Diocese of Harrisburg pays out $12 million to victims of clergy sex abuse

The diocese launched its compensation program in February. Those wishing to apply for compensation had to do so by mid-May.

By Ivey DeJesus, PennLive

Pa. Auditor General calls for more training, closer scrutiny of district judges

A former Erie County magisterial district judge’s misclassification of civil claims has sparked a call from the state’s auditor general for closer scrutiny of these local judges, as well as giving them more training.

By Jan Murphy, PennLive

Experts: Stop blaming mental illness for mass shootings

To some people, the act of indiscriminately shooting people is by itself evidence of mental illness. However, groups such as the American Psychological Association and the National Association for Mental Illness say that’s not true.

By Brett Sholtis

Election upgrades could come with hidden costs for Pa. taxpayers

Already facing $100M+ in upfront costs for machines, counties struggle to pin vendors down on pricing for software updates
By Emily Previti

Pa. auditor general’s budget cut: ‘He’s obviously getting under somebody’s skin,’ an analyst says

Eugene DePasquale’s frequent press conferences, the flurry of news releases, and his forays into policy areas that go beyond the traditional responsibilities of the auditor general’s office made him one of the most visible state officials around.

By Jan Murphy, PennLive

Smart Talk: The state of gerrymandering in Pennsylvania

Analysis shows the risk still exists
By Benjamin Pontz, WITF