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Cash for the poor? General Assistance welfare again under threat in Pa.

“These are folks who are really struggling to get by on a day-to-day basis, and General Assistance is the only income support that’s available to them.”
By Aaron Moselle, WHYY

Democratic state senator wants to flood the Capitol with data on poverty

"I'm hoping that it will reach to the better angels of my colleagues."
By Katie Meyer

More GOP state lawmakers soften stance on minimum wage hike opposition

"We're open-minded about it."
By Katie Meyer

Pa. Lottery on track for a record year, but challenges may threaten its support for senior programs

Republican senators fear the lottery’s revenue projections for the next year or two may come in as much as $50 million to $70 million short.

By Jan Murphy, PennLive

Pa. taxpayers continue funding state troopers in towns without cops after years of capitol debate

Republican leaders seem to favor a funding model driven by workload indicators, such as calls for service, instead of overall population.

By Emily Previti

Food stamp crisis looming in Pa. because of government shutdown

Early data suggest people are not budgeting early February SNAP benefits as hoped.
By Bobby Allyn, WHYY

Furloughed IRS workers must return to work ahead of tax season

Alex Jay Berman has worked for the IRS more than two decades. He hasn’t a gotten a paycheck in a month. In two weeks, the balance of his savings account will hit zero.

By Aaron Moselle, WHYY

Despite high poverty, fewer people live on Philly’s streets than in other big cities

As of January, 1,083 Philadelphians live on the streets, according to city data.
By Aaron Moselle, WHYY

The long road to becoming Pa.’s first black-owned brewery

Harris Family Brewery started gaining attention this year after securing space for a brewpub in Harrisburg’s Allison Hill neighborhood, though the road to this point has been long.

By Rachel McDevitt