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Education (This will be on the test)

Will this tweak in Pa. law send student test scores soaring?

“Teachers cannot educate a student who is not participating in the process. So those students’ scores should not be a reflection on the teacher.”
By Avi Wolfman-Arent, Keystone Crossroads

Harrisburg School District can find hope for revival in Reading: 7 lessons

“There’s financial unrest in Harrisburg that’s very similar to what we walked into in Reading in 2014,” Chris Celmer said.

By Ron Southwick , PennLive

Philly charter leader says district offered ‘backdoor’ deal for neighborhood high school

Did Philadelphia school officials try to hand over one of their neighborhood high schools to a charter operator?

By Avi Wolfman-Arent, Keystone Crossroads

Tuition freeze forces Pa. State System of Higher Education to tighten how it manages money

"Unless you want to continue to put the cost on our students, we’re trying a different path."
By Jana Benscoter, PennLive

Citing technicality, central Pa. school district scraps first-of-kind policy to arm teachers

"It would be better to just cancel the whole thing, get rid of the lawsuits and start over and engage in an honest debate and conversation."
By Avi Wolfman-Arent, Keystone Crossroads

Some Pa. superintendents have been quietly armed in schools — and parents probably don’t know it

“In my opinion, it should be done out in the light of day, so citizens know, ‘Here’s what’s going on in our schools.'”
By Jen Kinney, Keystone Crossroads

Pa. passes landmark assault-reporting requirements for colleges

"You can't solve a problem if you don't know the scope of it."
By Katie Meyer

Harrisburg superintendent thought district was ‘running smoothly,’: 11 findings from state audit

A recently-released audit of the Harrisburg School District revealed $5 million in questioned costs and provided a glimpse into the district’s finances.But it may not be the full picture.

By Christine Vendel, PennLive

When it comes to grading teachers in Pa., test scores could carry less weight

“I think it will ensure greater creativity and innovation for teachers to do best what they do in the classroom – to creatively instruct."
By Jan Murphy, PennLive