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Energy & Environment (Striking a balance)

Climate focus intensifies in Harrisburg, as budget negotiations and citizen-led petition advance

Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration is urging Republicans to authorize the state to join a regional consortium to limit greenhouse gases. At the same time, a citizen-led climate petition is under review at the state Department of Environmental Protection.

By Marie Cusick

Updated: June 15, 2019 | 4:24 pm

PUC launches review of safety regulations on hazardous liquids pipelines 

The commission didn’t name specific projects. But it has come under criticism from people who say it hasn’t done enough to ensure the safety of the Mariner East project, which is transporting highly volatile natural gas liquids across the state.

By Jon Hurdle

PJM, nation’s largest power grid operator, grapples with carbon pricing as states diverge on climate policies

The organization is trying to walk a fine line between respecting states’ rights while figuring out how to incorporate diverse climate polices into its wholesale electricity market.

By Marie Cusick

Updated: June 4, 2019 | 2:21 pm

Court document reveals Range Resources, other defendants agreed to $3 million settlement in Washington County contamination suit

A judge’s order to resolve an impasse in the case revealed details of the settlement terms. StateImpact Pennsylvania and The Allegheny Front discovered the document, which was publicly available at the Washington County prothonotary’s office.

By Reid Frazier

Why this season of tornadoes in Pa. has been ‘absolutely berserk’; a meteorologist explains

“What you’re seeing here is not unusual. What made it noteworthy is how persistent and stubborn that pattern has been.”
By Wallace McKelvey, PennLive

Is Pennsylvania the ‘broken’ link when it comes to curbing water pollution?

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and that is also true for the partnership working to restore water quality across the region.”
By Wallace McKelvey, PennLive

Wolf rejects Pa. Senate’s infrastructure proposal funded by forest drilling

GOP lawmaker: "This is in no way putting a drilling rig in the middle of a forest,"
By Katie Meyer

Decades after ‘Silent Spring,’ peregrine falcons thrive on Harrisburg’s Rachel Carson Building

The predatory falcons, once completely wiped out in Pennsylvania, have settled on the 15th floor ledge of a building that’s home to the Department of Environmental Protection.
By Katie Meyer