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Fight over medical malpractice in Pa. rages as report fails to settle the dispute

The outcome could have major implications for anyone who's ever hurt during a medical procedure and sues for damages
By Charlotte Keith/Spotlight PA

Wolf vetoes bill to halt closure of White Haven, Polk state centers

The state centers are set to close within three years and move about 300 people with intellectual disabilities into community based care.
By Brett Sholtis

Pa. AG Shapiro sues Juul Labs for ‘epidemic levels’ of teen vaping

Around one in four high schoolers in Pennsylvania has vaped in the last month, according to the Pennsylvania Youth Survey.

By Laura Benshoff/WHYY

Following firefighter’s death, a push to address trauma among first responders

Firefighters and police are five times more likely than the overall population to develop PTSD and depression, yet only about 4 percent of departments have suicide prevention programs.

By Brett Sholtis

Check our work: How we reported our story on commissary items and prices

Data scraping, manual input and trips to Walmart were all part of the process ... plus some modeling assistance from reporters
By Joseph Darius Jaafari

In Pa. jails, women are paying more than double for the same tampons they’d get on the outside.

A PA Post analysis found that the private companies in charge of providing goods to inmates are price-gouging items. But their contracts say that’s not allowed.
By Joseph Darius Jaafari

Wolf administration proposes increase for health and human services funding

Republicans say that increase is too much at a time when spending already is too high.

By Brett Sholtis

With UPMC Sunbury closure, emergency care is a longer ambulance ride away

UPMC bought the hospital in 2017 and abruptly closed the ER Jan. 31.
By Brett Sholtis

This mental health law passed with broad support. Why aren’t counties using it?

One county mental health administrator said the way the law was written makes it 'impossible' for counties to take advantage of it.
By Brett Sholtis