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Barletta, Casey clash over pre-existing conditions, ACA repeal

With Casey pointing to a lawsuit set to dismantle the ACA, and Barletta accusing Casey of personal attack ads, the discussion around health care is heating up.
By Brett Sholtis

American Idol runner-up shares Type 1 diabetes story in Berks County

"I was pretty sick, and I was hospitalized, and it was in a pretty public way."
By Brett Sholtis

Parents discovered a lack of help for special needs children. Now they’re pushing the state for more licensed therapists

As the state moves toward new regulations for helping special needs children, advocates say the standard is too low in Pennsylvania.
By Brett Sholtis

Smart Talk: Lead poisoning inspector policy changes

Following a state policy change, long-time lead inspectors aren't able to get contracts
By Merideth Bucher

‘I had to keep going’: Grandparents often raise children when opioids claim their parents

For Vickie Glatfelter, a challenge and an inspiration
By Keira McGuire

Lead poisoning home inspectors aren’t getting paid — and some say children are at risk

Following a state policy change, long-time lead inspectors aren't able to get contracts, while most of the work goes to one private company.
By Brett Sholtis

Education vs. Epidemic: When parents use, kids often drag the burden to class

Kids from homes where a parent is addicted to opioids have other priorities than what’s happening in school. “It’s what you would see in a movie — 10 times worse,” a rehabilitation center manager said.

By Keira McGuire

Coffee house, built and staffed by recovering addicts, offers strength in numbers

The owner knows first-hand how a community can bolster recovery
By Brett Sholtis