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Thyroid cancer study re-ignites debate over Three Mile Island accident’s health effects

The 2017 Penn State College of Medicine study found a certain type of thyroid cancer to be common to those who were near the nuclear plant during the accident.

By Brett Sholtis

How to stop overdoses? One Pa. lawmaker wants to perfect the ‘warm hand-off’

It's modeled after a Lehigh County program that has recovery counselors follow up with people who have overdosed.
By Katie Meyer

The importance of personal connections: A conversation with Dr. Jesse Gill

Personal connections and meaningful relationships can have a profound impact on mental well-being.

By Brett Sholtis

Struggling rural hospitals in Pa. to test new funding model

"The current incentives in the health care system are not appropriate for keeping our community healthy." 
By Brett Sholtis

U.S. attorney flags over 300 Pa. doctors for opioid prescriptions

"It may be specifically related to their type of practice, or tosome sloppy prescribing practices."
By Brett Sholtis

Pa. Health Department hiring scientists to study PFAS chemicals in drinking water

"It's not really clear if they ever go away. We're still studying what the medical effects will be."
By Brett Sholtis

Proposals call for more resources for emergency responders in Pa.

"Our goal is to make sure these men and women are getting the treatment they need."
By Brett Sholtis

Advocates flag concerns over Pa.’s new mental health law

Act 106 establishes a new standard for involuntary outpatient commitment.
By Brett Sholtis

Smart Talk: Does involuntary commitment for treatment help?

A new state law makes it easier to commit someone with a mental illness
By Merideth Bucher

Peyton Heart Project: ‘It’s a kindness mission and a mission of hope’

Patti Dille lost her son Matthew to suicide in 2014. He was 17. She says she did not see signs that he was considering suicide, which is one reason she now works to spread awareness through the Peyton Heart Project.

By Keira McGuire