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State lawmakers moving to enact fee on communities for full-time state police service

The fees work out to an average 9% of local budgets, but vary widely from less than 1% to nearly half in a few communities, according to a PA Post analysis based on data from U.S. Census and the state Department of Community and Economic Development.

By Emily Previti

County courts grappling with rollout of Pa.’s new rules for firearms in domestic abuse cases

Act 79 requires alleged abusers to give up their guns if they are subject to a court order in a contested case, entitles plaintiffs to law enforcement escorts in certain situations and makes other changes to state law.

By Emily Previti

Forty years later, the prospect of a TMI-related evacuation remains daunting

The last several decades have brought more detailed plans and better technology, but the people responsible for TMI disaster prep say there will always be unknowns.
By Katie Meyer

Spotted lanternfly battle is on: Can Pennsylvania stop this invasive threat to trees and plants?

It’s a menace to grapes and orchards, among other things, and millions of dollars are being spent to kill it. One person on the front line of the fight says, “I’ve never seen an insect situation like this before.”

By Susan Phillips

Penn State researchers join international effort to study Antarctic ‘doomsday’ glacier

Models show melting could lead to three feet of sea rise across the globe. “Three feet all over the world is a massive amount of water,” a researcher said.

By Marie Cusick