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Pa. Corrections Department settling lawsuit over contentious legal mail policy

The DOC has confirmed it will stop photocopying inmates’ legal mail and go back to giving them original copies.

By Katie Meyer

Is this the year Pa. gives LGBTQ+ people discrimination protection? ‘A lot has changed,’ one lawmaker says.

A long-stalled bill would prohibit work and housing discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Its supporters say this time around, it might actually have a shot.

By Katie Meyer

Pa. taxpayers continue funding state troopers in towns without cops after years of capitol debate

Republican leaders seem to favor a funding model driven by workload indicators, such as calls for service, instead of overall population.

By Emily Previti

See inside the Peach Bottom nuclear power plant

Can the station last 80 years?
By Ed Mahon

Updated: February 21, 2019 | 8:06 am

Is Pa.’s prison mail policy legal? It might depend (in part) on how fast guards can read

Instead of directly giving inmates letters from their lawyers, mail is now photocopied and the prison temporarily retains the original.
By Katie Meyer

Trial slated to begin today over mail policy in state prisons

Corrections maintains the retained letters are kept secure, but the ACLU argues they can't be sure the letters aren't tampered with.
By Katie Meyer

Smart Talk: Does PA have too many school districts?

A former educator asks PA Post to investigate
By Merideth Bucher

Finding younger farmers: Gov. Tom Wolf proposes tax breaks, loans in new Pa. Farm Bill

The package includes low-interest loans, grants, tax breaks and other measures to attract a new crop of farmers in Pennsylvania.

By Jan Murphy, PennLive

Pa. lawmakers voice concern about Trump’s plan to declare national emergency

'I never thought that was a good idea. I still don’t,' U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., said.
By Ed Mahon