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ACLU sues over Jim Thorpe traffic stop

Attorneys say they believe the stop was racially motivated. The ACLU’s client was detained, then placed in ICE custody.
By Katie Meyer

How to lower prison costs? Secretary advises medical parole.

Pennsylvania sentences a lot of people to life without the possibility of parole. Research has shown their odds of reoffending are low after years of incarceration.
By Katie Meyer

Harrisburg diocese bankruptcy could tap into parish assets

Individual churches are not part of the bankruptcy filing, but could end up contributing to a fund to settle sex abuse claims.
By Brett Sholtis

Lawmakers question Wolf’s corporate tax proposals—again

The Democratic Governor has pitched the same overhaul to Pennsylvania’s corporate tax structure for five years in a row.
By Katie Meyer

State officials unclear on backup plan if federal courts decertify voting machine

Besides the voting system targeted by this lawsuit, others with similar characteristics could be affected by a decertification ruling.
By Emily Previti

Some hoped letting groceries, mini-marts sell wine would kill Pa.’s state stores. It hasn’t

Total retail sales at the state liquor stores, at $1.872 billion for 2018-19, are up 3.1% since Gov. Tom Wolf and state House Speaker Mike Turzai famously toasted the wine privatization in 2016.
By Charles Thompson/PennLive

Pa.’s lobbying law got tougher in 2018. But it still falls short in exposing influence.

Pennsylvania lobbyists and lobbying groups do not have to report the bills or lawmakers they’re targeting or the positions they’re advocating for.
By Daniel Simmons-Ritchie/Spotlight PA

Could Pennsylvania’s 43K new citizens make the difference in 2020 election?

“Similar to the national story, [the growth of immigrants in Pa.] is really in suburbs."
By Laura Benshoff/WHYY

Pa. officials worry about new voting machines, new law in 2020 elections

Is Pennsylvania ready for its upcoming April 28 primary?
By Ivey DeJesus/PennLive