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Pa. is spending millions on election security, but the effort has its critics

"We are not fighting this battle alone.”
By Jan Murphy, PennLive

ACLU ends longstanding public defense case, says larger issues persist

Most counties "simply do not provide anywhere near the necessary funding to run a constitutionally-adequate public defender office."
By Katie Meyer

Transgender bathroom, locker room use: The debate in central Pennsylvania, explained

The Eastern Lancaster County school board approved a 'biological sex' policy. Federal courts have struck down similar policies.
By Ed Mahon

Inmates at state prisons are getting a new way to receive photos

"It's still industry being involved in communication... always going to give us pause. But it's still a win for so many people."
By Katie Meyer

County courts grappling with rollout of Pa.’s new rules for firearms in domestic abuse cases

Act 79 requires alleged abusers to give up their guns if they are subject to a court order in a contested case, entitles plaintiffs to law enforcement escorts in certain situations and makes other changes to state law.

By Emily Previti

What other states are doing about plastic bags — and what might happen with Pa.’s proposed ban

Charging a 2-cent per-bag fee would have little impact on use, according to an advocate in New Jersey. Legislators in that state just introduced a stronger bill banning plastics than one the governor vetoed last year, saying it didn’t go far enough.

By Jon Hurdle

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey hopes expectations for a heavily redacted Mueller report are ‘too pessimistic’

Casey said he favors the public getting to see a version of the report containing only intelligence-related and possibly some grand jury proceeding redactions. But he believes members of Congress should be entitled to see the complete version of the report.

By Jan Murphy, PennLive

How much would a nuclear subsidy add to your electric bill? Here’s a breakdown

State lawmakers are considering giving out roughly half-a-billion dollars a year in subsidies Pennsylvania’s nuclear power industry. How much would it cost you?

By Marie Cusick

At Pa. congressional forum, Republicans says Green New Deal is ‘about control’

The Republican and Democratic candidates for Pa.'s 12th congressional candidates faced off for the first time Friday.
By Ed Mahon