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State of the State

Ever wonder if there’s more to the stories you’re hearing about Pennsylvania politics? Host and producer Katie Meyer takes you behind the headlines with in-depth conversations about the news of the week, featuring a rotating panel of correspondents, lawmakers and others who have a hand in shaping the policies that affect residents across the commonwealth.


Still reeling from 2018 rainfall, Pa. farmers offered emergency USDA loan

“[The rain] started right out of the gate in the spring...and it just never stopped."
By Min Xian, Keystone Crossroads

Episode 26: To kill or not to kill the electoral college

Why the idea of abolishing the electoral college has tantalized Americans for so long
By Katie Meyer

‘Three Mile Island: As It Happened’ — a three-part podcast

Relive the moment-by-moment tensions as the nation’s worst nuclear accident unfolded at Three Mile Island in March 1979.

By Tim Lambert

Episode 25: To nuke, or not to nuke

Pennsylvania lawmakers have to decide whether they want to aid two nuclear plants, or let them shut down ahead of schedule.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 24: The neighborhood beneath the Capitol

Long ago, Harrisburg knocked down an African American and immigrant neighborhood to make way for Capitol expansion. Now, a group is trying to memorialize it.
By Katie Meyer

Support for legal marijuana defies party politics in Pa. — among residents, not lawmakers

“I don’t think there’s any chance this passes this session."
By Bobby Allyn, WHYY

Episode 23: The greatest hits of Budget Hearings 2K19

On this week’s podcast, we’re recapping some of the biggest issues that have come up (repeatedly) thus far: the minimum wage, the debt-ridden turnpike, and what the commonwealth should require of people receiving public benefits.

By Katie Meyer

Episode 22: Why PA’s prison system is changing mail policies. Again.

PA Corrections Department settles lawsuit, agrees to halt unprecedented drug-safety policy of copying and storing inmates’ legal correspondences.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 21: Mary Jane’s first chance

This week, we go deep on the start of Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman’s marijuana legalization listening tour.
By Katie Meyer