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State of the State

Ever wonder if there’s more to the stories you’re hearing about Pennsylvania politics? Host and producer Katie Meyer takes you behind the headlines with in-depth conversations about the news of the week, featuring a rotating panel of correspondents, lawmakers and others who have a hand in shaping the policies that affect residents across the commonwealth.


Episode 45: Guns and weed and government regulation

Tensions arose on both issues of gun regulation and marijuana legalization.

By Katie Meyer

Episode 44: The senator has resigned

Former state senator Mike Folmer vacated his seat last week after an arrest for alleged child pornography possession. We discuss what happens now.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 43: Without parole

If someone takes part in a crime—say, a robbery—in which someone dies, they can be handed a life sentence even if they didn’t kill anyone. And Pennsylvania locks people up for life at a higher rate than any other state.

By Katie Meyer

Episode 42: The never-ending quest to kill property taxes

One lawmaker offers his take on how to kill property taxes and still fund public schools.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 41: Pennsylvania’s big gun debate

Post-shooting protests all tend to look the same, and for good reason: gun laws haven’t really changed in a long time.

By Katie Meyer

Episode 40: Congressional cash

By Katie Meyer

Episode 39: There’s a reason PA’s congressional maps are weird

There are various factors that make PA particularly susceptible to gerrymandering.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 38: What a state-run insurance marketplace means for you

This week's guest: Brett Sholtis of WITF
By Katie Meyer