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State of the State

Ever wonder if there’s more to the stories you’re hearing about Pennsylvania politics? Host and producer Katie Meyer takes you behind the headlines with in-depth conversations about the news of the week, featuring a rotating panel of correspondents, lawmakers and others who have a hand in shaping the policies that affect residents across the commonwealth.


Episode 41: Pennsylvania’s big gun debate

Post-shooting protests all tend to look the same, and for good reason: gun laws haven’t really changed in a long time.

By Katie Meyer

Episode 40: Congressional cash

By Katie Meyer

Episode 39: There’s a reason PA’s congressional maps are weird

There are various factors that make PA particularly susceptible to gerrymandering.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 38: What a state-run insurance marketplace means for you

This week's guest: Brett Sholtis of WITF
By Katie Meyer

Episode 37: The (sometimes tumultuous) path to passing PA’s budget

The budget largely passed ahead of deadline but there were still some hiccups.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 36: We ask the governor your questions

Hear what the governor has to say about budget-related issues, like negotiations on a higher minimum wage, upgrading voting machines, and deciding the fate of the General Assistance program.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 35: Staying mum on the minimum wage

But this year GOP opposition seems to have thawed slightly.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 34: Telling the story of a Pennsylvania soldier rescued on D-Day +1

For months, WITF News Director Tim Lambert has been unraveling the story behind a scene that happened on Omaha Beach in Normandy 75 years ago.

By Katie Meyer

Episode 33: State forest drilling and the gas cash impasse

Two GOP senators are introducing an alternative: a $1 billion package funded by lifting Gov. Wolf’s four-year moratorium on drilling in state forests.

By Katie Meyer