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State of the State

Ever wonder if there’s more to the stories you’re hearing about Pennsylvania politics? Host and producer Katie Meyer takes you behind the headlines with in-depth conversations about the news of the week, featuring a rotating panel of correspondents, lawmakers and others who have a hand in shaping the policies that affect residents across the commonwealth.


Episode 21: Mary Jane’s first chance

This week, we go deep on the start of Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman’s marijuana legalization listening tour.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 20: Budget season is back, baby

A deep-dive into Wolf's latest pitch to the House and Senate.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 19: New-session pandemonium

New Wolf proposals, election overhaul and probation and parole reform
By Katie Meyer

Episode 18: A hole in a yard and a death overseas

A quiet week at the Capitol and two stories from outside Harrisburg.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 17: An inauguration, an interminable shutdown, and teachers with(out) guns

A look at some of the week’s top stories.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 16: So, you want to be a farmer?

Come for a visit to the Pennsylvania Farm Show, stay to search for the future of agriculture.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 15: Session begins anew

A roundtable discussion with reporters and a conversation with House Majority Leader Bryan Cutler.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 14: Looking back at a very political 2018

This week's guests are Marc Levy of the AP and Liz Navratil of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 13: The business of Christmas

Tree farmers have to get creative to make sure business stays strong and a few bad years don’t set them back too much.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 12: The price of election security

Perspectives on upgrading voting machines
By Katie Meyer