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State of the State

Ever wonder if there’s more to the stories you’re hearing about Pennsylvania politics? Host and producer Katie Meyer takes you behind the headlines with in-depth conversations about the news of the week, featuring a rotating panel of correspondents, lawmakers and others who have a hand in shaping the policies that affect residents across the commonwealth.


Episode 54: The headlines of 2019

As the year draws to a close, the reporters at WITF and PA Post been looking back at some of the state politics stories that have shaped it.

By Katie Meyer

Episode 53: Legislative avalanche

Lawmakers spent a packed four days in Harrisburg before leaving town for the holidays. Here’s what they did.

By Katie Meyer

Episode 52: Pipeline problems

The FBI is reportedly investigating the Wolf administration’s pipeline permitting practices. We have the latest on that, and other stories.

By Katie Meyer

Episode 51: Election outcomes

There was an election last Tuesday, and though there weren’t many big, statewide contests it was still a pretty active night.

By Katie Meyer

Episode 50: The Marsy’s Law twists continue

An update on the legislature’s recent actions, and the latest on a contentious amendment.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 49: Elections, abortions, booze and more

The House and Senate were both in session last week, resulting in a number of notable developments.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 48: More on Marsy’s Law

The contentious constitutional amendment will be on the ballot for a statewide referendum on November 5th.
By Katie Meyer

Episode 45: Guns and weed and government regulation

Tensions arose on both issues of gun regulation and marijuana legalization.

By Katie Meyer