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The State We're In (Stories that connect)

Photos: A look back at the Three Mile Island accident, evacuations, protests and cleanup

These photographs depict scenes from Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station in Middletown, Dauphin County, and the surrounding region in the days before and after the partial meltdown at the Unit 2 reactor.

By Lisa Wardle

Could a Three Mile Island-related mass evacuation happen today?

“In 1979, we didn’t have nearly the population we have now. Traffic would be at a crawl.”
By Ron Southwick , PennLive

Smart Talk: Pennsylvania property taxes explained

A reader asked PA Post to look into Pennsylvania's property taxes
By Merideth Bucher

How Three Mile Island and the nuclear industry influenced popular culture

After the accident at Three Mile Island, Dickinson College teacher Lonna Malmsheimer interviewed about 400 residents. One thing she noticed was how many people turned to fiction to make sense of the real-world events around them.

By Lisa Wardle

Three Mile Island accident was eerily foreshadowed by a Hollywood blockbuster days before

Columbia Pictures, the studio that released the movie, actually pulled the film from some theaters to deter criticism of capitalizing on the accident at TMI.

By Ron Southwick , PennLive

Shippensburg University brewing up courses to train the state’s craft beer workforce

Alison Feeney said she was drawn to the industry after she noticed how many small breweries play a role in revitalizing communities. But she also noticed how there was a lack of training opportunities for beginner or even more seasoned brewers.

By Rachel McDevitt

‘Hyperloop’ cargo from Philly to Pittsburgh? It may not be that far-fetched

"It’s good for any organization to do a little ‘blue sky’ thinking."
By Bobby Allyn, WHYY

Gov. Wolf wants Pa. to be the ‘nation’s leading organic state.’ What would that take?

The governor proposed $1.6 million in his farm bill to providing technical assistance during the transition period. 

By Rachel McDevitt

Northwest Philly grandma, hidden civil rights hero still coaching and fighting

Lurline Jones just keeps doing what she does. She agitates for equal treatment. And she coaches.

By Avi Wolfman-Arent, Keystone Crossroads

Pa. Lottery on track for a record year, but challenges may threaten its support for senior programs

Republican senators fear the lottery’s revenue projections for the next year or two may come in as much as $50 million to $70 million short.

By Jan Murphy, PennLive