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Pa. educators turn to Secret Service for safety advice

“All of us are desperate to find the answer. Why is this happening? How can we stop it?”
By Ed Mahon

After refinery fire, Philadelphia creates advisory group to discuss the site’s future

“You’re not going to hear me say we can dictate what happens on that site, but I think we can have some influence on what happens at that site,” Philadelphia Managing Director Brian Abernathy said.

By Susan Phillips

Sunoco to restart Mariner East 1 after agreeing to new safety measures

PUC investigators end three-month shutdown prompted by latest sinkhole at Lisa Drive
By Jon Hurdle

Emergency rooms are flooded with mental health patients who have nowhere else to go

Health system and county officials point to a need for more mental health resources.
By Brett Sholtis

Smart Talk: Author talks about Pa. pubs ‘where rabble-rousers and rum runners stirred up revolutions’

Taverns played a key role in some notable state and U.S. history
By Merideth Bucher

Smart Talk: Voter registration increasing for both parties and independents

Reporter Emily Previti discusses trends that, experts say, reflect voter excitement for midterms
By Merideth Bucher

First responders near pipeline prep for an unlikely event: ‘One hell of a boom’

As part of the “Mariner East 2: At what risk?” series, StateImpact Pennsylvania reports how firefighters are trained to respond to a pipeline explosion, though shutting the line down would be the company’s responsibility. Energy Transfer Partners says most of Mariner East 2’s valves can be controlled remotely.

By Amy Sisk

Updated: September 14, 2018 | 3:51 pm

More than half PA gas wells used ‘secret’ chemicals for fracking or drilling, report says

Companies are allowed to protect trade secrets, and the health risks of unidentified chemicals are unknown. Advocates push for disclosure, saying the public needs to know about the chemicals in order to help protect drinking water.

By Jon Hurdle

Bringing the forest back after shale gas

Pennsylvania is trying to figure out how to regrow forests after fracking
By Reid Frazier