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Pennsylvania’s new list of struggling schools looks beyond usual suspects

Each identified school will work with a team of state officials to create improvement plans
By Avi Wolfman-Arent, Keystone Crossroads

Episode 12: The price of election security

Perspectives on upgrading voting machines
By Katie Meyer

Algorithm to reform criminal sentencing in Pa. faces deluge of criticism

“We need to treat everyone in this system as a person, not a number.”
By Aaron Moselle

Updated: December 13, 2018 | 3:22 pm

The state is offering paramedics a type of naloxone the Health Department says they shouldn’t use

The Department of Health's policy directs the use of intravenous doses, not the nasal spray
By Brett Sholtis

Smart Talk: Author talks about Pa. pubs ‘where rabble-rousers and rum runners stirred up revolutions’

Taverns played a key role in some notable state and U.S. history
By Merideth Bucher

Two-thirds of Pennsylvania high schools are falling short of state’s 2030 graduation goal

Find out how your school compares to others in this searchable database.

By Jan Murphy, PennLive