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How arguments in Washington are holding up coronavirus relief in Pennsylvania

Key players in the Capitol say they won’t make any decisions about how to spend $1 billion in remaining stimulus cash until Washington finishes negotiating a second stimulus.

By Cynthia Fernandez/Spotlight PA

How you can spot disinformation online and on social media

Bad actors want to play with your emotions ahead of November election
By Russ Walker

Some faculty’s environmental science research on hold, while others find work around, in face of COVID-19

The National Science Foundation postponed most work on Antarctica
By Anne Danahy

Pa.’s COVID-19 testing capacity increasing, but processing delays undercut progress

The big-name labs processing tests, like Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp, are facing backlogs.

By Sam Dunklau

Warning! The 2020 TV ad wars are starting

Sort fact from fiction with these resources
By Russ Walker

How Tropical Storm Isaias is connected to climate change

A new field of climate science known as attribution science examines how a warming atmosphere plays a part in individual weather events.

By Susan Phillips

Pa. produces a lot of greenhouse gases, but its Republican-led legislature isn’t acting on climate change — even as scientists say the clock is ticking

Political observers point to a few reasons why Pennsylvania doesn’t act more aggressively: Climate change often takes a backseat to other pressing issues, the discussion remains deeply partisan, and the fossil fuel industry holds a lot of influence in the natural gas-rich state.

By Rachel McDevitt

Condemn, discuss, repeat: Students of color say Pa.’s state universities fail to address campus racism

At best, many students of color said they feel unwelcome and ill-supported. At worst, they feel unsafe and targeted.

By Aneri Pattani/Spotlight PA