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The unelected force behind Pa.’s drug treatment policy

Influential lobbyist Deb Beck has her critics
By Russ Walker

Suit filed in Pa. court challenges widely used electronic voting machine

The latest lawsuit claims 11 violations of Pa.’s state constitution and election code
By Emily Previti

Economic investment, not arrests, will save Kensington from drug violence, say researchers who lived there

“We can’t just focus on the victims of violence, or just focus on people who are using drugs,” said researcher Joe Friedman. “We also have to focus on the people who are heavily incentivized to sell drugs, have very few other options, and then as part of doing that, violence is just the natural, logical thing that’s baked into the system.”

By Nina Feldman/WHYY

Philly’s plastic bag ban is finally happening

"If we are to achieve zero waste by 2035, plastic bags are one of the top single-use plastics to be eliminated.”
By Catalina Jaramillo

PA AG says Trump’s tipped wage proposal could take money from workers

The proposed Department of Labor rule notes that it could allow employers to save some money by letting tipped and non-tipped workers pool their pay.
By Katie Meyer

Health benefits of being outdoors: Birdwatching

The Prices have been volunteering to lead bird walks through Wildwood Park for the past six or seven years. They know from personal experience what research has shown, that spending time outdoors lowers stress, blood pressure and heart rate while encouraging physical activity and improving mood and mental health.

By Keira McGuire

She’s the force behind Pa.’s efforts to treat drug addiction. Critics say ‘there is more to the story.’

As a lobbyist, Deb Beck wields significant power over drug treatment policy and legislation. But some question whether she uses that influence to benefit the businesses providing care over what's best for patients.
By Aneri Pattani/Spotlight PA