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Biden brings campaign to Lancaster, but remains out of sight

Trump supporters and Black Lives Matter protesters faced off briefly outside venue where Democratic presidential candidate spoke
By Ed Mahon

Pa. Democrats push to shore up insurance coverage in case ACA is struck down

They want a GOP-controlled Senate committee to hold hearings on several of their bills backstopping ACA provisions. It’s not clear if they’ll get their wish.
By Katie Meyer

Plan for Pennsylvania to take over health insurance marketplace gaining ground

Pennsylvania pays the federal government about $94 million a year to run the marketplace, state Rep. Bryan Cutler said. With the proposal, Pennsylvania would use technology other states have already shown to be effective to run the marketplace at a much lower cost, which he estimated to be about $35 million annually. 

By Brett Sholtis

Wolf pushes for LGBTQ protections in face of ACA changes

The Democrat renews an effortfor broader nondiscrimination laws on the state level.
By Katie Meyer