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Pa. farmers look to state and federal lawmakers for industry relief

As state and federal lawmakers return to their respective capitols this month, Pennsylvania’s farmers are hoping they’ll take steps to help the agriculture industry.

By Rachel McDevitt

Smart Talk: Proposed law on Amish horses now on hold

Township ordinance recommends horse "diapers" and rubber shoes
By Merideth Bucher

Soaring temperatures make local crops wilt and farmers wither

Adrian Galbraith-Paul, the farm manager, has been working at Heritage Farm for six years. In the past three, he’s noticed that weather patterns have made farming more difficult.

By Naomi Brauner/WHYY

For Pa. farmers, year of record rain often a ‘big nuisance’

“The thing about farming is very year is challenging. You have challenges every year. We’ve probably had more of them.”
By David Wenner/PennLive

Pa. congressmen bring their milk crusade to Harrisburg

"We lost an entire generation of kids that aren't drinking milk."
By Katie Meyer

Gov. Wolf derides ‘lack of strategy’ in Trump’s trade approach

"Farmers I've talked to say it actually is a Band-Aid."
By Katie Meyer

How to make farming more stable? The Senate has seven ideas.

'One of the reasons why young people aren't going into it is, they can't make a dollar, can't make a living.'
By Katie Meyer

Still reeling from 2018 rainfall, Pa. farmers offered emergency USDA loan

“[The rain] started right out of the gate in the spring...and it just never stopped."
By Min Xian/WPSU

Gov. Wolf wants Pa. to be the ‘nation’s leading organic state.’ What would that take?

The governor proposed $1.6 million in his farm bill to providing technical assistance during the transition period. 

By Rachel McDevitt

Finding younger farmers: Gov. Tom Wolf proposes tax breaks, loans in new Pa. Farm Bill

The package includes low-interest loans, grants, tax breaks and other measures to attract a new crop of farmers in Pennsylvania.

By Jan Murphy/PennLive