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Gov. Wolf derides ‘lack of strategy’ in Trump’s trade approach

"Farmers I've talked to say it actually is a Band-Aid."
By Katie Meyer

How to make farming more stable? The Senate has seven ideas.

'One of the reasons why young people aren't going into it is, they can't make a dollar, can't make a living.'
By Katie Meyer

Still reeling from 2018 rainfall, Pa. farmers offered emergency USDA loan

“[The rain] started right out of the gate in the spring...and it just never stopped."
By Min Xian, Keystone Crossroads

Gov. Wolf wants Pa. to be the ‘nation’s leading organic state.’ What would that take?

The governor proposed $1.6 million in his farm bill to providing technical assistance during the transition period. 

By Rachel McDevitt

Finding younger farmers: Gov. Tom Wolf proposes tax breaks, loans in new Pa. Farm Bill

The package includes low-interest loans, grants, tax breaks and other measures to attract a new crop of farmers in Pennsylvania.

By Jan Murphy, PennLive

Pennsylvania ‘fake milk’ concerns get a (minor) spotlight in D.C.

"There may be tremendous benefits to almond quote-unquote 'milk. But it's not milk."
By Katie Meyer

Industrial hemp could become common sight in Pa. once again

"Pennsylvania was famous for hemp. We were known for it. And now it's an exciting new opportunity."
By Rachel McDevitt

From the archives: In the deep end at the Pennsylvania Farm Show

To be blunt: It takes as many as 28 tractor-trailer loads to haul away all the manure left at the Farm Show Complex.

By Mary Wilson, WITF News

At PA Farm Show (and beyond) women are forging their own path into agriculture

"If we look at what is going to make farming survive, it's the oldest insurance policy in the world, and that's called diversity."
By Katie Meyer

As dairy industry struggles, a half-ton butter sculpture embraces the ‘power’ of agriculture

This year’s design features a doctor, firefighter, dairy farmer, football player and a soldier all raising their glasses and donning capes.

By Lisa Wardle