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Judge sets deadline for abuse claims vs. Harrisburg Roman Catholic Diocese

It's the first diocese in Pennsylvania to seek bankruptcy protection.
By The Associated Press

Judge has difficult task in Diocese bankruptcy case

Sorting through Harrisburg Diocese's assets
By Joseph Darius Jaafari

As Pa. compensation programs end, church victims wrestle with the price put on abuse

Some victims have used the program to put their fight with the church behind them. Others scoffed at the price tag put on their trauma. This is the story of two men who came to different conclusions.

By Laura Benshoff/WHYY

As window for claims closes, Archdiocese of Philadelphia to pay $32M to abuse victims

Statewide, the awards average about $125,000.
By Laura Benshoff/WHYY

Diocese of Harrisburg pays out $12 million to victims of clergy sex abuse

The diocese launched its compensation program in February. Those wishing to apply for compensation had to do so by mid-May.

By Ivey DeJesus/PennLive

One year after scathing report on clergy sex abuse of children in Pa., much has changed and much has not

“I know why legislation is being held up and it’s infuriating.”
By Ivey DeJesus/PennLive

Catholic Church lobbying costs spiked in Pa. as statute of limitations debate raged

The Catholic Church spent more on lobbying efforts in Pennsylvania than in seven other northeastern U.S. states combined, according to a recent report covering 2011-2018.

By Laura Benshoff/WHYY

Deadline looms for victims of clergy sex abuse to file for compensation settlements with Harrisburg Diocese

Private settlements to individual victims will be determined by the fund administrator.
By Ivey DeJesus/PennLive

Once again, lawmakers will try to reform Pa.’s sexual abuse laws

"I've been in this House fighting for six years trying to get the statutory change, and it hasn't gone anywhere. So why not start this constitutional process..."
By Katie Meyer

Pa. House positions overhauled statute of limitations bills for another run

"We're just trying to put together a solution."
By Tim Lambert and Katie Meyer