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Activists urge Wolf, again, to shut down the Mariner pipelines

They’re pointing to sinkholes and contaminated wells they’ve seen throughout the building process, and say they’re worried about explosions.
By Katie Meyer

Gov. Wolf plans to have Pennsylvania join a regional effort to cut carbon emissions

Wolf bypassed legislature with executive order that starts process to join Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
By Susan Phillips

As U.N. meets for climate summit, former ambassador Nikki Haley says government should give more incentives for businesses ‘to do the right things’

The former South Carolina governor spoke to a business-friendly crowd in Hershey.
By Ed Mahon

Updated: September 13, 2019 | 11:43 am

What we learned from StateImpact Pennsylvania’s forum in Philadelphia on climate change adaptation, resilience, and social equity

Panelists discussed how climate change is affecting vulnerable communities, and talked about potential solutions.

By Emily Pontecorvo/WHYY

Cities, attorneys general call for new leader of PJM Interconnection to focus on clean energy

The power grid operator’s board has received appeals from around the country to ensure its next leader prioritizes clean energy

By Marie Cusick

Refinery’s closure sparks calls for a ‘just transition’ in Philadelphia

Two very different views toward what should happen to it mirror a conversation that’s taking place across the country: How do we move toward a low-carbon future without displacing the more than one million people who make their living in fossil fuels?

By Emily Pontecorvo/WHYY

This rare butterfly has found refuge at an unlikely place: a Pennsylvania military base

Military land may seem a surprising haven for wildlife, but it can be, because it often isn’t welcoming to lots of people and development.

By Marie Cusick

Soaring temperatures make local crops wilt and farmers wither

Adrian Galbraith-Paul, the farm manager, has been working at Heritage Farm for six years. In the past three, he’s noticed that weather patterns have made farming more difficult.

By Naomi Brauner/WHYY

Inside one of Pennsylvania’s most energy-efficient buildings

The Lombardo Welcome Center at Millersville University in Lancaster County is the first building in Pennsylvania to receive a zero-energy certification from the International Living Future Institute. Last year, it produced 75 percent more energy than it consumed.

By Marie Cusick