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What is cap-and-trade?

By Marie Cusick

It isn’t easy being green: New research explores potential downside of nudging people to behave differently

Nudges can be attractive mechanisms to achieve public policy outcomes — they’re relatively cheap, often painless ways to get people to change their behavior. But can they backfire?

By Marie Cusick

Poll finds most Pennsylvanians think climate change is major public health risk

51 percent of those surveyed in a new Muhlenberg College poll called climate change a major health risk.

By Marie Cusick

Pennsylvania commits to Paris Agreement climate goals; state’s plan calls for 80 percent carbon cuts by 2050

Pennsylvania becomes the 24th state to join the U.S. Climate Alliance
By Susan Phillips

Citizen climate petition advances, after state board approves further study of cap-and-trade program

The ramifications of the petition could be politically significant– allowing significant climate policy to be implemented without new legislation.

By Marie Cusick

Poll shows Pennsylvanians’ concerns about climate change are increasing

The survey found 68 percent of respondents want the state to do more to address climate change.

By Marie Cusick

Watch ‘Three Mile Island: The New Nuclear Dilemma’

The partial meltdown at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant near Harrisburg in 1979 sparked a major anti-nuclear backlash — halting the industry’s growth in the U.S. for decades. But now, amid climate concerns, there’s a big push to keep nuclear plants open.

By Marie Cusick

House panel hosts climate change doubter, whose beliefs draw a rebuke from scientists

Geologist Gregory Wrightstone has a career history with the gas industry, and his beliefs on non-CO2-related warming directly contradict the scientific consensus on climate change.

By Katie Meyer

Amid global push to reduce carbon emissions, Japan looks past battery-powered electric cars and envisions a ‘hydrogen society’

Hydrogen fuel cell buses are on tap for 2020 Olympics, and more fuel stations are planned
By Susan Phillips

Rep. Mehaffie talks up his nuclear bailout bill; opponents line up to trash it

Dauphin County Republican puts the price tag of his nuclear bailout at $500 million annually, arguing that’s cheaper than doing nothing.

By Marie Cusick