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Supporting Pa.’s most vulnerable — or not

Domestic violence, lead testing, ICE detention, food stamps
By Emily Previti

Coatesville police say 11 questions can reduce domestic violence. Why aren’t more police officers asking them?

The program connects high-risk victims with an advocate.
By Ed Mahon

Smart Talk: Domestic Violence — ending the abuse

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of abuse and how to prevent it from happening.

By Smart Talk

County courts grappling with rollout of Pa.’s new rules for firearms in domestic abuse cases

Act 79 requires alleged abusers to give up their guns if they are subject to a court order in a contested case, entitles plaintiffs to law enforcement escorts in certain situations and makes other changes to state law.

By Emily Previti

New Pa. gun restrictions in domestic abuse cases begin Wednesday

One sheriff in northwestern Pennsylvania is wondering how many more guns his office will seize.
By Ed Mahon

Barbara Schrum died trying to help a friend. This new law could have saved her

Schrum's daughter thinks a law-enforcement escort can protect people in some domestic violence situations
By Ed Mahon