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Transgender bathroom, locker room use: The debate in central Pennsylvania, explained

The Eastern Lancaster County school board approved a 'biological sex' policy. Federal courts have struck down similar policies.
By Ed Mahon

A $45,000 minimum salary for teachers, explained

Gov. Wolf’s proposal could lessen teacher turnover, one rural district superintendent said. But one critics worries about the potential ‘ripple-up’ effect.

By Ed Mahon

Under Gov. Tom Wolf’s plan, one Pa. school district would receive $693,000 to raise teacher salaries

In a searchable database, you can see how much your school district would receive
By Ed Mahon

What the average classroom teacher earns in every Pa. public school district

The highest salaries were in two Pennsylvania counties: Bucks and Montgomery.
By Ed Mahon

State court tentatively sets date for landmark Pa. school funding case

A win by the plaintiffs could unleash more money for public schools and reshape the way Harrisburg doles out education dollars
By Avi Wolfman-Arent, Keystone Crossroads

Pennsylvania pressing schools to ensure special-ed students aren’t on their own

“The bottom line is helping students and ensuring that students’ rights are protected.”
By Avi Wolfman-Arent, Keystone Crossroads

Smart Talk: Most Pa. school superintendents are men; women earn more on average

PA Post analyzed statewide superintendent salary data
By Merideth Bucher

In Pa. coal country, debate flares over arming teachers to prevent school shootings

“Most teachers are not for other teachers carrying firearms. This is not what we signed up for.”
By Jen Kinney, Keystone Crossroads

Advocates hope Gov. Wolf uses decisive election victory to seek large school funding boost

Advocates for a large boost to school spending say Wolf’s 17-point win over Wagner shows evidence of a mandate for a large ask.
By Kyrie Greenberg, Keystone Crossroads