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GOP Congressman Scott Perry wins in close race against Democrat George Scott

"They know that when I say something that's what I'm going to do."
By Emily Previti

Boys club no more: four women to represent Pa. in Congress

‘Year of the woman’ took nearly a century to arrive
By Susan Phillips

Democrats roar in Pennsylvania

Democrats captured nine of the state’s 18 congressional districts and kept the governor's office and a U.S. Senate seat
By Dave Davies, WHYY

Democrats in Pa. request, return more absentee ballots ahead of midterm election

The number of absentee ballots this year approaches levels seen during the last two presidential election years
By Laura Benshoff, WHYY

Election workers report being busier than usual ahead of midterms

Some election officials say they're prepared for returns that fall between a normal midterm year and a presidential election.
By Katie Meyer

Pa.’s 10th Congressional District toss-up: How we got here

GOP Congressman Scott Perry still has an edge, but the margins are slim enough that the race is considered too close to call
By Emily Previti

Pa.’s 12th Congressional District unlikely to feel ‘blue wave’ despite strong challenger

The redrawn district includes five counties that all voted overwhelmingly for President Donald Trump in 2016
By Rachel McDevitt

Senate Dems are using a stalled sex abuse bill in campaign ads. Will it help them?

The new commercial is running in competitive districts in suburban Philadelphia. Many of the Republicans it names say they support the abuse bill in question.
By Katie Meyer